How To Prepare For CCIE Enterprise Lab

Two different stages need to be finished in order to get the CCIE Enterprise certification. These include a written test and a lab test. 

The written test is known as ENCOR 350-401. It is a test that lasts for 2 hours. This test would be testing your Enterprise network technologies. To get help with these tests, you can check out various sources such as SPOTO

The written tests include the following topics. If you cover these topics, you can pass the test with ease. 


This topic is used to test a candidate’s interpretation skills. These interpretation skills are checked for JSON encoded files, essential python components, and description of High-level principles. 

In addition to this, candidates are tested about the advantages of the data modeling language, depiction of APIs, etc. 

You could get help regarding this via SPOTO LAB


This topic is specifically designed to test your knowledge about the verification and configuration of the access control of devices. 

Also, it tests your knowledge of the description of REST API security, verification and configuration of the features of wireless security, and the depiction of the components of network security design, to name a few. 

Hence, you should be prepared for all of these things as well. 

Network assurance

This specific topic will be focusing on diagnoses of network problems dealing with traceroute, debugs, ping, to name a few. 

Network assurance also includes device monitoring using Syslog for remote logging, configuration, and the confirmation of flexible NetFlow. Apart from this, it also focuses on IP services, virtualization, infrastructure, and architecture. These are considered to be sub-topics. 

Additional information 

If you appear for CCIE, you should focus on 350-401 as you need to pass it. You can use various study materials for it. 

However, the most recommended is SPOTO. It consists of all the material that you require to prepare for CCIE Enterprise Lab. Other than this, you should use any source available to you and that you find helpful. 

To wrap it up!

Passing the CCIE Enterprise Lab is not an easy task. Hence, you should look for practice tests and solve them in a proper environment. 

You should also make use of all the resources around you to prepare for the test. At the same time, you should vigorously prepare for the written exam. The lab test should not be taken lightly. 

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