How to Prepare Physics for JEE Main

Being the toughest engineering entrance test, JEE Main is also the key to the dream colleges for engineering students. Those who want to join the IITs have to crack this exam with a good rank to secure the seats. The candidates who are going to appear in JEE Main for the first time must realize what they are going to deal with. There is nothing to be scared of. One can crack JEE Main in the first attempt. But for that, one must devote a lot of effort, and must strictly follow some suggestions.

Physics is one of the three subjects in JEE Main, the others are Mathematics and Chemistry. Though the subject seems difficult to some students, preparing physics meticulously is very important to crack JEE Main. It is suggested that the students start their preparation from class 11 since JEE Main Physics syllabus includes both Class 11 and Class 12’s curricula. So, here are some tips for the students on how they can prepare Physics for the upcoming JEE Main:

Observe the Syllabus

Before appearing and preparing for an examination, the candidates must know and understand what and how they should prepare. There are many students who put a lot of effort into their preparation and study many things that are not important for the exam. Thus, they waste a good amount of time that could be used for revision or taking mock tests. Often one ends up focusing on the unimportant topics throughout the whole preparation period, while the important topics remain unprepared. This happens only because many students are not even aware of the syllabus.

Focus on the Important Topics

Though JEE Main physics syllabus is vast, yet there are certain topics that require more attention, simply because they carry more weightage in the exam. Here is a list that provides the name of almost all the important physics topics of JEE Main:

  1. Class 11 Physics Important Topics

Law of Motion, System of Particles and Rotational Motion, Work Power and Energy, Gravitation, Thermal Properties of Matter, Mechanical Properties of Solids and Fluids, Kinetic Theory, Thermodynamics, and Oscillation and Waves are the most important topics from class 11 syllabus.

  1. Class 12 Physics Important Topics

Electric Charge and Field, Current Electricity, Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance, Magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction, Moving Charges and Magnetism, Alternating Current, Ray and Wave Optics, Electromagnetic Waves, Semiconductor, and Atom and Nuclei are mainly to be focused from class 12 physics syllabus.

Follow the Correct Study Material

When the goal is as big as JEE Main, one should be specific about the study material. There are hundreds of books out there in the market, but only a few offer the authentic material that the aspirants actually need to crack this exam. For JEE Main Physics, the students should follow NCERT and the books prescribed by their teachers. Remember, it is not about studying everything, but it is about studying the right thing.

All the Basic Concepts Must Be Clear

In physics, there are many topics to be studied, and none of them are too easy. If not understood properly, the students might get confused and make mistakes in the exam. So, it is suggested that, before solving the exercise sets or other sample questions, one must go through all the basic concepts and reassure themselves that they have a good understanding of them all. Not knowing the basic concepts will take one more time to solve the questions in the exam. JEE Main on the other hand will only provide a limited amount of time.

Make Notes and Make Them Well

Taking notes is important not only for physics but for the other subjects also. Since the syllabi of class 11 and class 12 are compiled in the JEE Main, the candidates will have an ocean of topics and chapters to cover. And as time goes and one is in class 12, she/he will barely have enough time to look back at what was studied in class 11. In this case, the notes taken before can be really helpful, and the students can also use them while revising for a better understanding. But note-taking is not a simple job. One must know what to note and how much to note. One must also evaluate the importance of a topic before noting it down. Jumbling the notebook with random information will only confuse the candidates. Similarly, filling it with too little information will come to no use.

Do the Previous Years’ Papers

There is nothing to exaggerate the importance of previous years’ papers. Solving them will not only increase the confidence of the candidates, but they will also understand the nature and magnitude of the questions that they will face. It will help them to be prepared for the exam. The candidates are suggested to solve at least the last 5 years’ JEE Main physics questions.

Syllabi of Class 11 and Class 12 Are Equally Important

Some students tend to assume that the syllabus of class 12 is more important than class 11. But that is not the case. As is already mentioned, JEE Main comprises both the syllabi of 11 and 12, so both of them are equally important from the point of view of the examination. It is recommended that the student cover both the syllabi with equal diligence.


After a long period of preparation, it is necessary to do multiple revisions. In this phase, the students are suggested to solve as many question papers related to JEE Main Physics as possible. They are also encouraged to engage in mock tests, webinars, and other means of education. JEE Main Revision Notes with Solutions can be of great use to the aspirants. Revise the whole syllabus as many times as possible, mainly focusing on the difficult concepts. This is the phase where one is suggested to get rid of the habit of making mistakes if she/he has any. Moreover, this is the last phase, and it acts as a sieve to make the candidates more refined for the JEE Main.

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