How To Reverse Lookup a Phone Number (For Free)

Reverse Phone Lookup is the way to search for a person’s name and identity through a phone number. It helps you identify any unknown phone number that you are getting calls or messages from. 

With this facility, you will be able to get a lot of details about your unknown caller and will be able to identify them easily. You just need to search for a cell phone number to get the details. 

There are a lot of reverse phone number lookup tools available online that you might get confused about which one you should try first. Well! Trying and testing is not always a good option, especially not when these lookup services are charging you. 

You can’t waste money just to decide upon a good tool when you have similarly free tools also available. Again confusion! Which free tool to choose from. So, here’s a suggestion for you. CocoFinder is so far the best reverse phone number lookup tool over the internet. 

CocoFinder’s has a simple search engine interface that can find you details about anyone within seconds. The tool is free to use, hence healthy for your pocket. It provides you with relevant and reliable information. 

How to Reverse Lookup A Phone Number Using CocoFinder?

It is the best in class reverse phone detective that is trusted by millions of people from around the world. Let’s look at how to use this reverse phone number lookup tool.

1. Visit the Website

You need to visit the CocoFinder website. You will land up on a very user-friendly website where you can easily locate whatsoever service you strive for. There are different tabs located on the top of the homepage which makes its services easily and quickly accessible. 

You can easily locate the ‘Phone Lookup’ tab on the homepage, click on it. This will lead you to the phone lookup page. 

2. Input Phone Number

Once you get up on the ‘Reverse phone lookup’ search engine page, you need to enter the phone number you want to search details for. 

Here you can search for any unknown number that you want to get details of. This will help you identify the unknown phone number that you are getting calls or messages from. 

3. Start Searching

As you entered the phone number in the search box, now just click on the ‘Start Search’ button on the right of the search box. Wait for a couple of minutes, by the time CocoFinder crawler crawls through the huge databases.

CocoFinder has a huge database collected from public records which make the information it provides fully reliable. You will get relevant search results that you can fully trust upon. 

You will not only get to know the name of the owner of the unknown phone number but also get to know the person’s address and alternate contact details. You can get their email address and social media profiles. 

This will also provide you insights into the person’s close friend circle and relatives. This whole is a huge amount of information that one can get through a phone number. 

Why Do You Need a Phone Lookup?

Identify Unknown Caller

You are getting unknown calls from someone. You need to discover who the person is. To decide upon whether to call back on an unknown missed call, you first need to identify who the person is.

The call can be from anyone. It can be an emergency call from someone you know or it can be a telemarketer advertising its products or services. It can even be the annoying person whom you never enjoy the company of. You will surely not be interested in calling back such a person. 

CocoFinder Reverse phone lookup helps you identify who is calling you. Once you identify the caller, you can decide upon calling back or not. 

Find Person’s Address 

There happen to be times when we lose contact with some people for a while and later not being able to locate them. You just have their unreachable phone number. What to do next? How to locate them? 

You can search the person’s phone number through the CocoFinder reverse phone lookup search engine. You can get the latest address of the person you are searching for and locate that person. 

Family’s Safety

You recently get to know your loved ones are connecting with some new people you don’t know. While it’s totally okay to make new friends and connect to new people, you need to be sure that the new connections are safe for your family and you. 

You somehow have the phone number of this person, what you can now do is search that phone number on the CocoFinder reverse phone number lookup tool. 

You will be able to get a handful of information about the person like name, address, email address and social media profiles. You can even get to know who all are in the friend circle of this very person. 

All the available information will help you decide whether the person is reliable or not. In this way, you can quickly ensure the safety and security of your family and loved ones. 

Unveil the Suspicion

You have found a suspicious phone number in your loved ones’ call logs. You are able to discover that this person is frequently calling your dear ones. It is important for you to find out who this number belongs to. 

Searching the phone number on the CocoFinder reverse phone lookup tool, you will be able to unveil the identity of the suspicious phone number and get relaxed. 


As you get to know how you can reverse lookup a phone number, you can now begin using the CocoFinder phone lookup. As discussed above, you can use this tool for a lot of reasons. It will provide you with a handful of information to solve your purpose of searching that particular phone number. 

The most important fact is that CocoFinder is free for you to use. So, start looking up unknown phone numbers over this reverse phone lookup tool and discover how CocoFinder proves useful to you. 

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