How to Score 90% in Exams using NCERT Important Questions?

The Central Board of Secondary Education is the National board responsible for education in public and private schools in India, monitored and controlled by the Union Government of India. NCERT textbooks are the official textbooks prescribed by the CBSE for all classes in private and public schools. The books are available in the form of online PDFs as well. These are the official books from which the syllabus for all board exams is prescribed. It is from these books that most of the questions are asked in the exams as well.

Preparing well for exams and scoring good marks is what most students aim for in school. Being regular and thorough with your syllabus is the best way to achieve it. Practicing regularly what you learn in school helps you stay up to date. Exam time can be stressful for students. It is important that you prioritise your subjects and weak and strong points when starting to prepare for exams. A proper timetable will help you do so. Some tips that will help you prepare well and score 90% in exams are:

  • Prepare a timetable- Allotting time for each subject depending on your strengths and weaknesses is very important. Give time to the subject or topic that you think requires more practice than the other. Preparing a timetable helps you keep a track of your syllabus and will help you not skip any topic. It will also help you finish your syllabus well in time and leave enough time for revision.
  • Write and learn- Making notes while reading helps you memorise better. It also helps you learn and understand the concepts better. While writing, it helps you understand how you need to answer questions in the exam as well. Making notes helps you concise the information in one place. It makes it easier to cover all the syllabus and also helps you revise quickly as you just have to go through notes then.
  • Practicing enough- You need to practice enough sample papers while preparing for the exam. This should be done once you have covered all your syllabus. Practicing sample papers and questions will help you assess your preparation and what all needs more of your attention.
  • Clear your doubts- One of the most detrimental things to scoring good is not clearing your doubts. Clearing your doubts ensures that you understand all the concepts thoroughly and can score well in your exams.
  • Time yourself while practicing papers- if you time yourself it will help you manage your time well and speed up your writing. This will help you finish your paper in time.
  • Reduce Distractions- Focusing on one task, sitting in a quiet place and reducing distractions can help you in maintaining focus and understanding your topics better.
  • Revision- Revising previous concepts can help in ensuring you do not forget what you have studied and making sure you score well in your exams.

NCERT textbooks are the most important tools for you to prepare with. Questions in the exam are almost always from the back exercises of NCERT books. So make sure in addition to studying from the books you solve the questions given in the books because not only do they prepare you for the exam but they also give you an idea of what kind of questions to expect in the exam.

  • Questions are given at the end of each chapter that covers all the topics from within the chapter. The questions are a good way to summarise and assess your knowledge of the chapter. Attempting these questions helps you prepare for the exam as most questions in the exam are the same or ask the same thing in a different language.
  • Online sites and books also solve and fully answer NCERT questions for the students to refer to. These questions are answered by professionals and teachers with experience. The answers are aimed at making the student understand a concept by breaking it down in simpler terms. These answers are for students of all calibre. The NCERT questions are very important for the students to be thorough with.
  • Important questions are highlighted within the chapters as well. These are then answered either at the end of chapters or in help books. The examples in some subjects given within the chapters are also considered helpful for preparing for exams.
  • Going through and memorising answers for important questions helps in quick revision as well. These questions cover major aspects and topics from the chapters. Hence, going through these alone just before the exam or during revision helps in gathering a substantial amount of knowledge in a short time. NCERT questions help you summarise the whole chapter in a concise manner.
  • Make sure to attempt all the questions yourself once you have gone through the syllabus or chapters before you look at solved answers. This will help you understand the chapter and also assess your understanding of it.
  • CBSE school exams and board exams mostly cover topics that are asked in the important questions of the book. If you attempt these questions and are thorough with them you will know the kind of questions to expect in the exam. Being thorough and well-versed with these questions will help you have an edge over others in the exam. The questions make preparing for the exam easier.

Preparing for exams and scoring 90% marks is not difficult if the students pay enough attention, are regular and are smart in how they prepare for their exams. Having a timetable and adhering to it is one way to do so. Make sure you do not leave any topic while preparing and know-how to manage your time well especially while answering the exam. Attempting and practicing all the NCERT questions is also a smart and thorough way of preparing. Write the answers down while studying for these questions and it will help you memorise them better and know how to formulate your answers while writing the exam. This will help you prepare in a concise manner.

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