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How You Can Do International SEO For Your Business In 5 Easy Steps

Dallas often referred to as the Big D, is a dynamic city with 1.34 million people. The city has a diverse economic landscape with strengths in construction, manufacturing, telecommunications, IT services, and company headquarters operations. The city is also the headquarter of many companies, including nine Fortune 500 companies.

Because of the large number of businesses in the city, it is not surprising that there is a high demand for SEO in Dallas marketing agencies that offer international SEO services to help companies build a global presence.

While most prominent businesses in the city may already have their website, effective on-page and off-page SEO, and trust in the market, this is still not enough. The next step is to move forward and expand your business to the international market.

What is International SEO About?

International SEO is a form of SEO that focuses on optimizing your website for the use of the global population. These efforts include translating your content in different languages, following international trends, creating localized experiences, and setting up a holistic SEO strategy. According to a survey conducted by Common Sense Advisory, about 40% of the international market won’t purchase goods from websites that use language they can’t understand. This is why international SEO is crucial in helping you bridge the gap between you and the global market’s needs.

However, you might wonder, how is international SEO different from other types of SEO? The truth is, it is the same as any other type of SEO but with additional strategies like geo-targeting for a wider audience. And because brands were pushed online after the COVID pandemic, it created an opportunity for big and small businesses alike to carve a name in the international market. International SEO will help you achieve this goal. 

What are the Benefits of International SEO?

Businesses who invest in International SEO open their market to the worldwide audience, and as a result, they:

  • Attract more traffic to their website
  • Reach a bigger audience
  • Strengthen their brand recognition
  • Strengthen their brand trust and authority
  • Increase their conversion rate 

Any common folk might assume that doing international SEO is an easy task, and all you have to do is translate your web content into different languages, and you are done. But this is not the only task at hand, and you have to acquire the services of SEO in Dallas to achieve your goals. However, there are some easy steps you can do on your own such as considering several factors first before immersing in international SEO:

  • Which global market or language do you want to target?
  • Do you want to target a particular country, and what country?
  • What are the high-value keywords in that language or country?
  • Are the products and services you offer a need in that market?

To help you make careful considerations of these factors, here are five easy steps to do international SEO for your business:

Do your research

Before investing heavily in international SEO, you should do some market research first. You can check your website’s analytics for foreign users’ organic traffic data. Increased traffic means your products and services are highly sought after in those foreign markets. It would be best to determine which keywords are related to this increased organic traffic.

Choose your strategy

Once you have your data on hand and you know which markets you want to expand in, you can now focus on choosing which method you want to use. For example, some websites target translating content into different languages. Some concentrate on building their local SEO in their chosen market.

Use the Hreflang attribute

It allows your website to show search engines like Google which language you use on a specific page. In turn, the search engine can show your website in search engine results pages dedicated to that language. This is particularly useful if you have created content targeted at a specific local market. This attribute can help increase your conversion rates by ensuring that your target audience lands on the appropriate page for them.

Revise your content

Apart from producing readable content by your intended global market, you should also make sure that your content respects the culture of the local market you are targeting. For example, some products may not be saleable in some local markets because they go against that place’s religion, culture, and traditions.

Improve your international SEO signals

It is not enough to translate your content into different languages; you should also optimize other aspects of your SEO. Here are some areas you can enhance your international SEO signal on:

  • Optimize for different search engines. Other regions have various popular search engines. While Google controls a significant share of the global search engine share, this is not the case in some areas. For example, Naver is the most popular search engine in South Korea, Baidu in China, and Yandex in some Eastern European countries.
  • Add local contacts. Having a local contact number or branch office is the fastest way of building trust in your business because users are ensured that there is a way to contact you locally if there are some problems.
  • Display your prices in the local currency. Some users don’t have the time to convert and calculate the cost of the product they want to purchase. In addition, displaying your products provides better navigation and improves the user experience.

International SEO helps businesses tap into a bigger market. The process may be complex and a little daunting, but with proper planning and with the help of a reputable marketing agency, your business can benefit from this vast business potential.

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