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With a slim design, low price and good battery life, the Huawei Watch Fit does a lot right. The test shows what she is doing without. For this post, I wore the Huawei Watch Fit together with the Apple Watch SE. Wearing two wearable at the same time gives some interesting insights into how different ecosystems handle certain tasks in everyday life. The very short version is – if you can do without wireless charging and very high-quality materials such as sapphire glass and titanium, the Huawei Watch Fit meets all the important requirements of a modern smartwatch. If you want to buy Huawei watch fit in best price.  Then click on the highlighted link and survey our site. Indeed you will like our products.

Scope of delivery is Spartan

In the white box of the Huawei Watch Fit there is some paperwork and a proprietary charger next to the watch. A power supply unit is not included. So buyers use their own self or it is best to use a multi-charger right away.

Workmanship and design are successful

Let’s address the elephant in the room directly: Yes, the Huawei Watch Fit looks like an elongated Apple Watch. This means that the smartwatch does not stand out from the crowd of wearables. Personally, I’m a fan of larger smartwatches that make a statement. But I can also get a lot from the design of the Huawei Watch Fit. If only because I don’t always get stuck with the smartwatch with my jacket or sweater on.

The only button of the Huawei Watch Fit is on the right side and very discreetly incorporated into the design of the watch. The key travel is short and so the button does not protrude far from the case. All the necessary sensors that are responsible for measuring the heart rate, the oxygen saturation and the stress level are located in the center of the underside. The two metal contacts for charging are positioned above this. This is also where the two clamps are located to release the bracelets.

The Huawei Watch Fit consists of a “durable polymer fiber” – plastic. It feels good and I don’t worry that it won’t survive contact with the door frame. Another plus point of the choice of material is the low weight. The Huawei Watch Fit weighs just 34g (21g without bracelets). Accordingly, I have often forgotten that I am even wearing the watch. Fortunately, it is waterproof to 5 ATM (50 meters), as I often only noticed in the shower that I was still wearing it on my wrist.

Display is good, but takes some getting used to

With a resolution of 456 × 280 pixels (326ppi), content is displayed with good sharpness. There are also twelve pre-installed dials ex works and more can be downloaded from the Huawei Health app. There are even six always-on dials, but using them will cut the battery life of the Huawei Watch Fit in about half. Nevertheless, I am glad that Huawei gives me the choice of whether I want an AOD. This function is often deleted, especially in low-cost models. The slightly curved display ensures minimal light refraction at the edge. That is not annoying, but such things do not happen with a “plan” display. The display brightness is absolutely sufficient for outdoor use, although the big smartwatch brothers of the Huawei Watch Fit are getting brighter. The control via touch and swipe gestures was not influenced by the slightly curved display.

For the “elongated” display of the Huawei Watch Fit, however, Huawei had to adapt the software for wearable. The same information is displayed as with circular smartwatches, but the content feels a bit compressed. This is particularly noticeable in the apps for heart rate or stress measurement, as line breaks just look a bit strange or text is displayed smaller so that it still fits into the line. After just under a week I got used to it.


The Huawei Watch Fit is powered by the “DK3.5 + ST” chipset and not like the big brothers of the Kirin A1. I assume that it is a cheaper chipset than the A1, especially when I look at the price of the Watch Fit. Navigating through the menus and scrolling through long lists went smoothly. I’ve had smartwatches that felt faster, but for the low price, the performance is absolutely okay.


The setup is done in a few minutes. After you have fully charged the smartwatch once, download the official Huawei Health app. In the app you can then easily select and pair the Huawei Watch Fit via the “Devices” tab – after you have forcibly created a Huawei ID. After the pairing, a software update is pending. Then you have access to all important functions and evaluations of your data in the app as with smartwatches from other manufacturers, it is not possible to transfer the data collected by the Huawei Watch Fit to the fitness app of the iPhone. This is only possible with an Apple Watch and is an annoying limitation on the part of Apple.

Daily use

The Lite OS software experience on the Watch Fit is almost identical to other Huawei smartwatches. By swiping horizontally from the home screen, heart rate, stress level, weather, music playback and activities are displayed. It is not possible to store music on the Watch Fit or to connect Bluetooth headphones to it directly. So you have to take your smartphone with you to jog, at least if you want to listen to music. Thanks to the built-in GPS, the Huawei Watch Fit can also track your run on its own and later synchronize with your phone. The Huawei Watch Fit dispenses with a microphone and speaker. You will be informed accordingly via notifications via vibration. Calls are not possible with the smartwatch – you will only be informed about this on the display.

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