HUAWEI Watch GT Black Review

Huawei Watch Fit: Review, Technical Data and Price

As mentioned in previous articles, the Activity Tracker market is full of interesting solutions. Furthermore, the economic segment, aimed at a large slice of consumers, is certainly one of the most relevant battlefields for well-known brands. In this context, one of the most popular devices of the moment is undoubtedly the Huawei Watch Fit. If you want to buy huawei watch gt black in low price than you are on right place we will guide you about this watch and also give you suggestion to buy this watch here by clicking the highlighted link.

The Asian-style technological achievement is under everyone’s eye. If until 20 years ago, the dominance of the technological and non-technological sectors was in the hands of Western-style corporations. In recent times, competition from the Asian hemisphere is increasingly topical. One of the main brands operating in consumer electronics, but mainly in the development and production of network infrastructure is Huawei. Cooperative company founded in China in 1987 Headquartered in Shenzhen, a true center of innovation and technology of the Asian power.

Huawei is renowned for developing new technologies. Therefore, one of the most important sectors for the Chinese group is undoubtedly research which makes use of specialized offices, located all over the world. In the field of consumer electronics, the company undoubtedly excels in the SmartPhone, Smartwatch, Tablet Pc, Personal Computer, etc. sector, ranging in a wide range of product categories ranging from earphones to smart sunglasses. It is no coincidence that the company boasts a turnover of over 122 billion dollars in 2019 with 194,000 employees worldwide.

Design – Dimensions and Weight

  • Let’s get to the heart of the review, turning our gaze to the aesthetic characteristics. In fact, since it is a smartband to be worn daily. Beyond the functions offered, the dimensions, aesthetics, weight and materials contribute to improving the user experience throughout the day.
  • Unlike traditional Activity Trackers, Huawei Watch Fit has a larger display, with a diagonal of 1.64 inches. Also, the screen manufacturing technique is 2.5D. For this reason, the surface tends to be curved along the edges.
  • The frame structure is opaque in color. Aesthetic feature, specially integrated to match the three available colors, namely Graphite Black, Mint Green and Sakura Pink.
  • The resistant polymer fiber strap is able to guarantee great comfort even during the toughest sports sessions, while performing water sports or simply in daily use of the device
  • However, the large display and the high-capacity battery, which we will analyze in the next paragraphs, the dimensions and weight, are compact. Huawei Watch Fit is in fact a thin and light smartband.


The energy system uses a dual processor architecture, which works in synergy with a complex system of algorithms allowing asserting excellent performance, while absorbing a smaller amount of energy. In fact, as regards autonomy, the manufacturer declares up to 10 days of average use of the device.

Quick Recharge: In case you are running out of energy, but don’t have much time to recharge. Suffice it to say, that with only 5 minutes of charging, it is possible to guarantee autonomy to the device for a whole day of use.


As mentioned, Huawei Watch Fit is equipped with a 1.64-inch display, a feature not at all obvious for an activity tracker. In addition, the HD resolution of 280 x 456 Pixels 326 PPI is very interesting, with a screen-to-body ratio of 70%.

Watch Face Store: The company makes many watch faces available to users through the Watch Face Store. Furthermore, the possibility of customizing your dial as desired, for example by inserting a photo of your smartphone as a background, does not go unnoticed. Maybe you might be interested in ” Huawei Watch GT 2: Review, Data Sheet and Price”

Personalize: Huawei values ​​the individuality of each consumer. For this reason, if you try to customize your watch face, you can select and set the features that you think are most important to be displayed regularly, such as residual energy, calories burned, steps taken, weather forecasts and much more.


Being a Smartband, or a smart wearable device, which needs a primary support such as SmartPhone and Tablet for correct operation? No wonder then, that the manufacturer has integrated one of the most advanced hybrid chips in the industry that supports the communication standards 2.4 GHz, BT 5.0, and BLE. We remind you that Watch Fit is compatible with all Huawei products and devices equipped with Android 5.0 or later and iOS 9.0 or later operating systems.


In the next few paragraphs, we will talk more in depth about the device’s ability to monitor sports performance. However, with regard to the GPS module, we cannot help but announce the complete picture. That is to say that of a device, able to collect and provide as detailed information as possible, combining GPS positioning with the vast ecosystem of sensors.


The vocation of the Huawei Watch Fit is certainly aimed at sport and monitoring vital parameters. For this reason, the company has developed software that can support beginners and all those who practice sport regularly.

Personal Trainer: At any time, you can start a training session, receiving support from the smartband. In fact, over 12 training sessions and 44 movement demonstrations are available, including free body exercises, stretching, and abdominals and so on. Therefore, no matter where you are, as soon as you have a few free minutes, you can keep fit with exercises or simply stretch your muscles, preventing pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

96 Training Modes: The powerful software and sensor systems allow you to support you while practicing your favorite sport. In fact, Huawei Watch Fit is able to collect precise training data, for 11 professional sports disciplines and over 85 customized training modes. The parameters collected by the device range from heart rate to calorie consumption, considering factors such as duration of performance and much more.

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