I Got Scar Treatment Via the Grieshaber Website & Loved It!

After a childhood accident left me with scarring up both arms, I’d learned to live with it well into adulthood – mainly because I didn’t think that anything could be done about it. Then a friend mentioned a work colleague who’d had theirs treated through a website dermatologist called Grieshaber, so naturally I was intrigued.

Now, I know my scars don’t define me, but I am of the opinion that if you can do something about a problem like that, then you should. So, I took a look at the Grieshaber dermatology website and booked myself in for some extremely well-reviewed laser scar treatment.

I’ll be honest and say that I was expecting something a lot more painful than what I experienced and the results I got came far quicker than I thought possible.

How Laser Scar Treatment Works

I’d already researched other alternatives to dealing with scars and the feedback I got was that laser treatment was the most gentle and effective. Well, that’s certainly something that was reflected in the experience I had.

I’m no expert, but I know more about the treatment than most because of how long I’ve been looking into it. Laser treatment basically works by using powerful lasers to break down the scar tissue. What this does is get rid of the scarring and encourage fresh skin to appear in its place.

I’m light skinned and you can barely see where my once-prominent scars were, but apparently it works for all skin tones, even when talking about particularly dark skin.

Post Treatment Was a Breeze

On the website, it said that recovery time was minimal, but even I was surprised by how much it didn’t impact my day. The treatment itself took around 30 minutes and I went straight back to work after my lunch time appointment. Sure, it was a little tender, but nothing like the irritation I thought I was going to get.

In the days after having the treatment, my arm did scab up a little, but that was to be expected and because I’m good at remembering to moisturize, it only took about a week for those new, fresh skin cells to show underneath.

From start to finish, laser treatment was every bit as painless and effective as I’d been led to believe and I’d absolutely recommend that anyone else with the same scarring issues should give it a try.

Results With Minimal Discomfort – What’s Not to Love?

When I booked my appointment via the Grieshaber Dermatology website, I went into it with an open mind – choosing to believe the advertising that claimed laser treatment to be a non-invasive, pain-free option for scars. I can confirm first-hand that it works and it is relatively painless.

So, my advice to you is that you absolutely don’t have to suffer with scarring, as I know how much the problem can make you want to cover up. I tried it and benefited greatly – you can too.

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