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IGTV Video Promotion: How To Leverage Followers & Engagement?

Today, several social media platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook gain billions of views within a day. Moreover, Instagram gets effective video traction from the audiences and followers. Instagram works as a perfect replica for YouTube; IGTV offers an ideal use to leverage both your fan following and engagement rate. IGTV is a more effective method to reach your audience on Instagram as you can have an established profile for your business brands.  Besides this, it results in greater awareness and exposure for your brand. Smartphones and editing apps are simple, cost-effective to become a creator. 

Basics About IGTV

IGTV lets you run long-term videos that have a duration between 15 seconds to 10 minutes. The verified Instagram accounts can extend their video duration to one hour to play within your Instagram profile. Thus, optimizing on the phone for viewing content plays an influential role if created in vertical format. Instagram’s vertical video aspect ratio should be 9:16 while horizontal videos have been allowed on the platform. Several users select to post in vertical format for viewer convenience. 

IGTV works as an autonomous app as you can post and look at IGTV videos directly from your Instagram profile. It helps to generate more engagement rates for your profile by simple methods. In contrast to Instagram Stories, your IGTV videos can stay longer and won’t disappear after 24 hours. Meanwhile, you can start to use Trollishly for your Instagram business profile that helps to reach your target audience on a vast and popular platform. 

Effective IGTV Promotion Strategies 

IGTV offers your brand another chance to become famous and visible, where you can attract attention and add value. Start to present your brand as the correct option for IGTV strategy success; remember some factors. 


Analytics is the ideal option while working on IGTV. Analyze your analytics and try with your video’s length, format, and subject matter unless you recognize the right factors. Once you scroll through the content, don’t forget to regularly look back at these analytics to check you are working on the track. If you identify a fall in your Instagram video views, it is time to tweak your profile. It would help if you offered people what they need and keep them returning for more Instagram content. 

Video Length

On Instagram, video length plays a vital role because three to five minutes of IGTV content is generally perfect for posting. You should not only need to generate IGTV videos at an ideal length but also engage your audience. The longer you pull your audience’s eyes on IGTV videos, the engagement rate goes up. The higher your audience retention rate, the more you will be liked by the Instagram algorithm. 

Video Description

Are you trying to make your Instagram post visible among your audiences? You can make it possible once you start to buy Instagram views that improve your exposure and visibility. Design your video description to accomplish the strategy for the Instagram algorithm. It supports connecting your video content and description with one of the famous categories such as travel, beauty, or fashion. Viewers and followers display the videos that suit their viewing qualities. So make use of your description to ensure your Instagram algorithm recognizes what your video is all about. In this manner, Instagram can display it to those who connect with your content. 


Several brands like to associate with an influencer to display their IGTV videos. Partnering with an influencer whose audience connects within your business market can generate more significant results. Moreover, the audience of influencers will jump to your page. Influencers and their followers become fascinated with your offers, deals, and services. Also, your brand has got the best chance to stay connected. Indeed, start to use Trollishly as it helps to generate more revenue for your Instagram business. 

Key Takeaways

Always remember, it is the right time to make the funny stuff for your IGTV post. So, start to make and roll out your IGTV methods and gain the benefits for your business profile. 

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