Initializing Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh: Raihan Ahammed Shanto’s extraordinary journey

Most of us prepare for job interviews early in our graduation times. Very few of us dare to dream bigger than life. Raihan Ahammed Shanto is one of the dreamers who worked hard and earned his luck. Bangladesh is a developing country with minimum resources. One thing we can afford is human resources, not job opportunities. Raihan knew the current situation and the odds of trying to go against the flow. But courage makes a man, and the Rabbi had it without a doubt. From a very early age, he started to think of alternative ways of earning and establishing a way for future investments. As a result of about six years of hard work, Raihan Ahammed Shanto is one of the biggest names in the young Entrepreneurs list of Bangladesh. We are waiting for the day to see him on the thirty under thirty successful Forbes lists from Asia. Now let’s get to know something about this guy and his ways of success in these challenging times.

About Raihan’s childhood

Md. Abdul Matin and Raushan Ara Begum are the Proud parents of four children. Raihan Ahammed Shanto is the youngest of two brothers, and He has two sisters in the family. Since childhood, Raihan showed a keen interest in technology and computers. When he was in the seventh standard in school, Raihan started experimenting with different computer programs and websites. Before he furnished his higher secondary studies, Raihan launched his career as a freelance web developer. Online marketplaces like Fiverr,, and such sites have a great demonstration of his expertise. Initially, Raihan worked as a web developer only and gradually made his mark in other sectors. SEO, digital marketing, and creating opportunities for his successors are his best suit. The work pattern already describes that Raihan is a great person with exceptional qualities and down-to-earth nature. It shows in his academics too. Very few people can manage to shine within a strict education protocol like our’s and still manage to pursue their passion. Raihan was again successful here. Currently, this guy is completing his undergraduate degree with a physics major from Mawlana Bhashani University of Science and Technology. It is one of the most distinguished public universities in Bangladesh.

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As we already mentioned in this column, Raihan has tremendous academic records. But, unlike many others, he does not want to dedicate all his potential to a job. Instead of searching for a job, Raihan started creating posts for people in need at a very early age. Rabbiitfirm is the starting of his entrepreneur career. Raihan’s elder brother Rabbi is the guide of his career and owner of Rabbiitfirm. Raihan started taking over the business world as a CEO on his brother’s firm. Keeping the legacy intact soon Raihan expanded the business and started his company. Shantoitfirm is one of the best-reviewed IT firms in Bangladesh nowadays. Seo, marketing, digital content creation, and many more advanced services are available in this IT firm at a minimal cost. This place is not only budget-friendly but also sustainable. Raihan believes in the power of youth and tends to give everyone a fair chance to prove their potential. So, most service providers in this IT firm are students who took freelancing as a part-time job and secondary source of income. Also, these people are passionate and have good training to meet the needs of the clients. It means you are getting the best service within budget and getting to take part in developing the youth. What more could a patriot do for his country?

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