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It is rare to find an Instagrammer who doesn’t want to grow his profile. Well, you can buy from here Instagram Followers, but there are a large number of strategies to grow your IG profile organically. In this article, we are going to share some of them that you can apply to grow yours. Enjoy!

Create an impressive profile 

The first impression is incomparable with anything. You get a few seconds to impress someone in the first meeting. So, create an impressive profile to amaze people. Use a high-quality logo or profile picture and crop it in perfect dimension. For the username, keep it short and memorable. Besides, check if it matches your business. Finally, write a superb bio that summarizes who you are.

Post daily 

Instagram comes with the highest engagement rate. So, you need to go at a similar pace to cope with its fastness. You have to post almost every day to become a noticeable profile on the platform. You should consider the content quality along with posting regularity. Moreover, timing is crucial to catch most people’s eyes. Discover the ideal time to post in your location and post accordingly. 

Engage with audience 

Since engagement rate matters on Instagram, you can’t expect organic growth without interacting with others. It is a very easy task, but you need to get used to it. Be used to liking, sharing, and commenting on others’ content so that people can see you frequently. This approach is quite effective to grow your followers too.  As long as you have a good eye for photography and can tell a good story, one of the best ways to organically grow your Instagram is by posting beautiful photos with captions.

Network with others

Networking is a powerful organic growth strategy on Instagram. It explores a larger opportunity for communication and cross-promotion. It requires regular engagement with others and builds a professional relationship. You should share and comment on other’s posts frequently. Besides, practice tagging relevant influencers and brands in your posts. Networking is a lengthy and ongoing process, but it is an effective organic growth strategy.

Follow right people 

Following someone to get a follow back is a common mistake. You need to follow the right people for long-term benefits. Find out relevant hashtags in your industry and use them to discover influencers. You can follow them. Besides, follow industry leaders and brands in the same niche. Thus, you can grow a strong community gradually. Note that all of them will not follow you back. But, you will be able to get updated with industry news and track your competitors. Never forget to follow back your followers.

Develop hashtag strategy 

We don’t need to explain the importance of using hashtags in your post. However, it needs some strategy for a better outcome. Discover and use niche relevant hashtags so that your potential followers can easily find you. You should build your branded hashtag as well if you are a brand. Gather some popular, trending, and location-based hashtags and mix them up while using them in posts.

Offer giveaway

Brands usually offer giveaways because the audience likes to get them. You can apply the same strategy to get more engagement and followers with minimal effort. 

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