Instructions on how to play basic Go – Strategy when playing

Go, also known as Go or Baduk, is a strategy board game for two players. The game originated in ancient China and is played on a 19×19 square board. Each player uses black or white pieces to capture territories and surround the opponent’s pieces. So How to play Go how? In this article, Link 789BET I will guide you on how to play the basic game and the strategies you need to know when playing.

Basic ways to play Go and terms you need to know

Go requires the player’s concentration and strategy. To improve your skills in playing Go, you need to master the basic rules and common terms of this intellectual art form.

Basic terms of Go for beginners

  • Go board: The Go board is a square chessboard, consisting of 19 vertical lines and 19 horizontal lines, forming 361 intersections.
  • Go pieces: There are two types of Go pieces: black andarmy white. Each type of army has 180 troops.
  • Go chess: Players place their pieces on empty intersections on the board. Each time a player plays chess, they can only place one chess piece.
  • Winning pieces: When your pieces surround your opponent’s pieces, you can capture the opponent’s pieces. A piece can only be captured when it has no valid paths.
  • Winning: A player wins when he captures more pieces than his opponent or when his opponent surrenders.
  • Scores: A player’s score is calculated by the number of pieces he captures, plus the number of pieces remaining on his board.

The basic way to play Go brings high efficiency

In a game of Go, we divide it into 3 main stages: the opening stage, the middle game and the ending stage. Let’s learn how to play Go in all three stages.

First is the opening phase, this is when you place the first pieces on the chessboard. The goal of this phase is to take up as much space as possible, while controlling as many points as possible. Try to avoid being surrounded by opponents or capturing your troops.

Next is the middle game, which is the most complex and challenging stage in the game of Go. During this stage, you need to balance attack and defense, while trying to expand your territory. Pay attention to your opponent’s positions and try to find their weaknesses.

Finally, there is the ending stage, this is the stage where you will have to try your best to win. During this period, you need to be very careful and avoid making any mistakes. Try to capture as much territory as possible and try to capture as many of your opponent’s units as possible.

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Also, remember that in playing Go, you also need to know how to defend. Pay attention to your opponent’s moves and try to figure out how to stop them. There are many defensive tactics you can use, such as building protective walls, creating complex chess positions, or using chess pieces to control strategic points.

Tips for increasing possible internal energyHow to play Go for newbies

Chess is one of the oldest and most loved games. If you are new to chess and want to improve your skills, please refer to the following tips:

  • The method of live fin and dead fin in Go: With this method, you can control your territory and prevent the enemy from occupying it.
  • Method passes first: If you master this technique, players can gain an advantage in matches
  • Direct attack methods in Go: Refer to methods such as: marching troops into enemy territory, attacking weak points, attacking important troops,… to directly attack the opponent
  • Indirect attack: This strategy in playing Go requires a deep understanding of Go and the ability to read the game well.
  • Finishing counterattack method: Can counterattack opponents with methods such as: direct counterattack, indirect counterattack, defensive counterattack, counterattack

So this article has helped you discover how to play Go from the basics to the strategies and moves to win. Hopefully with this information, you will have a better understanding of this fascinating intellectual game and start participating in the extremely exciting world of Go. Register an account 789BET today to participate in the online Go game and have the opportunity to receive huge rewards from the house.

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