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No one would deny that gambling is extremely popular. Men and women of all ages love to gamble, place bets and enjoy their winnings. Moreover, for many people, it is a means of making money, for example here is such site:  Here is an interesting statistic on gambling in the world.

Gambling itself is a fun activity. Ever since casino games became popular all over the world, gambling has become a mass leisure activity and even a source of income. These days, there are even more opportunities to play thanks to the development of the Internet. Here is everything: any kind of game available to anyone of legal age. Why is gambling so popular and what interesting facts lie in its history?

Here are some fun and interesting facts about gambling, casinos and some products:

1. The sandwich is an invention of the avid gambler

Rumor has it that a sandwich inventor named John Montague loved to gamble. So much so that he probably would have starved to death without his ingenuity, because he was so absorbed in gambling that he had no time for breaks. But then he ordered his servants to put a piece of meat between two slices of bread. Getting a meal that was convenient for eating. That way he had his other hand free to play with during the meal. The count died a long time ago, but his invention, the sandwich, is still alive.

2. It used to be that slot machine winnings were paid out in the form of chewing gum.

In the early 1880s, gambling was banned in the United States, but of course there were slot machines and many fans of the game. The gamblers came up with a wonderful solution – the profits were actually distributed in the form of candy. It was about fruit-flavored chewing gum. After winning it could be exchanged for cigars or drinks. Gambling has always existed and will always live, as this fact clearly demonstrates. One can easily draw an analogy with slot machines, which depict various fruits. It is a kind of tribute to the exchange for fruit chewing gum.

  • FedEx saved by gambling

In 1973, FedEx, one of the world’s largest and most famous companies, was on the verge of bankruptcy. The boss and founder of the company needed to do something to get it and himself out of crisis. To solve his problems, he went to Las Vegas and approached a blackjack table. An unorthodox decision and, as it turned out, a wise choice that saved the company. Frederick Smith, an entrepreneur and gamer, went back to work with $27,000 and thus saved the company. Incredible when you consider that today FedEx is an $11 million company.

3. The kings on the playing cards are real

If you look at traditional cards, you see kings that actually existed. The king of diamonds is the Roman emperor Augustus Caesar, the king of crosses is the Macedonian Alexander the Great, the king of hearts is the French Charlemagne, and the king of spades is the Israeli king David. By the way, queens also have names. However, the ladies are usually not real queens. Pallada or Athena (the Greek goddess) is the lady of spades, the queen of hearts is the biblical woman Judith, the queen of the cross is Argin, which means Regina or queen. And then there is a woman from the Bible named Rachel, who represents the lady of diamonds.

4. The world’s smallest casino is housed in a cab

There is a casino in London called Grosvenor. It is unremarkable and no one would know anything about it. If it were not for one event. In 2016, a cab opened with full casino equipment. This includes a croupier, a table, a bar, and a TV with current sports events. The only thing missing from the tiny gaming temple is a roulette machine, and although the first slot machine was invented by an auto mechanic, this machine is one of a kind. People get in virtual lines to take a seat at the mobile dealer’s table. It’s even free. A voluntary donation to the charity is asked only when the machine moves off and takes visitors to the big Grosvenor Casino.

5. Residents of Monaco are not allowed in Monte Carlo casinos

Who would have thought? At first glance, this might seem strange, since Monaco is often portrayed as a major paradise for avid gamblers. But it is true that the famous casino in Monte Carlo is only open to foreigners. The reason for this lies in traditional legislation. In the 19th century, Princess Caroline passed a law allowing only foreigners to profit from gambling. This means: anyone who goes to one of the local casinos must always show an identity card, on the one hand to prove their age, but on the other hand to prove that they are a foreigner. However, the people of Monaco have a ray of hope: the laws only apply to physical gambling establishments, not online gambling establishments.

  • The first gambling license in Las Vegas was issued to a woman

Las Vegas is known to everyone as the city of gambling. But have you heard about this interesting fact about Vegas? The first legal gambling license in the shining city went not to big mob bosses or wealthy entrepreneurs, but to Mamie Stocker. Contrary to what you might think, the license, issued in 1920, was for this ordinary woman. Mrs. Stocker opened the Northern Club Casino under her own name and offered games for everyone. Her husband at first wanted nothing to do with the business, and did not enter it until years after it opened. Later, gambling establishments became an integral part of this early desert town.

  • The Nevada State Penitentiary had a casino for inmates.

For 35 years inmates could enjoy poker, blackjack and other popular games there. In 1967, the casino at the prison closed. It opened in 1932 and was operated by the inmates themselves. The original purpose of opening a prison casino was to keep inmates out of trouble. During the 1960s, however, that view changed, and the casino was closed again.

6. The word poker comes from the German language

Did you know that the word Poker is of German origin? It comes from the word “pulsate”. In its older version, the word was used to mean something like bluffing or pretending. It goes well with the popular card game, doesn’t it?

7. The first slot machine was not intended for casinos at all.

The “Liberty Bell” machine, which saw the light of day in 1895, was not supposed to be in gaming halls at all. Inventor Charles Ray designed this entertainment device to entertain waiting guests. Now the slot machine is popular not only in physical casinos, but also on the Internet.

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