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Interior repair of the house

It’s no secret that repairs require effort, time and large financial costs. To avoid unpleasant surprises during the renovation process, you should start the interior renovation of the house with careful planning. First of all, you should decide what kind of repair you want to do: cosmetic repair or major repair. Based on this, you can make the first approximate calculation of the necessary materials and make an approximate estimate. It is easier and faster to make cosmetic repairs, so we decided to consider the capital issue in detail.

Be prepared for the fact that unexpected costs and unaccounted-for types of work will inevitably arise during major repairs. So that such moments do not affect the quality, it is necessary to take them into account in advance in the estimate and draw up an approximate repair schedule. Try not to make a common mistake: you should not start the renovation with the selection of furniture and finishing materials, but with a healthy assessment of the condition of all communications and replacing everything that has become unusable. Agree that it is much easier to change pipes and wiring during the repair process than after.

Next, you need to decide what you want and can do yourself. You can glue wallpaper, paint walls or lay laminate on your own. As for electricity, plumbing, underfloor heating and other finishing works that require special skills, it is better to entrust it to professionals. It is not so easy to find qualified workers and the advice of acquaintances will not always help. Even such simple concepts as “quick” and “quality” are different for everyone. If you cooperate with designers or decorators, the issue can be resolved more easily. As a rule, professionals have contacts of specialists with good references, and they can acquaint you with examples of the work they have done.

A few words about cost calculation. If we are talking about the performance of several types of work, then the cost is calculated for a specific operation plus the necessary materials.

In the case of complex repair of calculation schemes, there are several. If you contact an architectural or design office, you can order various “turnkey” options, taking into account all your wishes, then you will be informed of the price for the implementation of the project.

At first glance, this option is expensive, but in the case of cooperation with a proven and responsible office, you can always agree on ways to reduce the price that will not affect the quality of the finished repair. In addition, almost any company that professionally engages in turnkey repairs has its system of discounts.

The second method of pricing is per square meter of completed work. Having analyzed it taking into account the average market prices and finding out what materials the workers plan to use, it is not difficult to understand whether there is no artificial overestimation of the price. At the same time, you should be afraid of unbelievably low prices no less. Savings at the expense of quality will soon turn into the need for new repairs.

There is a third, less reliable way for the customer — for a percentage of the cost of the materials. It is more often used in houses and during major repairs. Despite its apparent simplicity, it hides many hidden problems. The most common problem is that you will be contacted every day with a request to purchase some or other materials, which in the end will significantly increase the final cost.

It is very important to approach the choice of materials responsibly. It is not difficult to make a mistake, because the choice in the market of building and finishing materials is extremely wide. Therefore, read the reviews, find out about the manufacturer’s guarantees and, if possible, consult with professionals from GVD Renovations who have already used this material. It is necessary to find out how long certain materials will last, what nuances they have in operation or during installation. Even if you don’t have a project in hand, you should have a clear plan for how you want your home to look when the renovation is complete. Then in the process it will be possible to avoid spontaneous purchases, uncoordinated changes in style or a sudden change in the color scheme.

In general, although a major repair is a troublesome and expensive undertaking, a good result will please you for many years.

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