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Internet Troubleshooter: Need of the hour

In these perilous times when the whole world has gone into a lockdown mode, with schools and colleges closed indefinitely, government and private offices also shut close, people are trapped inside their homes without any work to do. Children are stuck at home without any friends and there is only one thing that is putting up with people through these tough times fighting their boredom – the Internet. The Internet and its different services are the things which have kept the people entertained.

The Internet as we know is a global connection of computers and other devices with each other providing different services to people such as communication, streaming, gaming, social media access, etc. Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf are believed to be the inventors of the internet. It was invented in the 1960s and at that time was named ARPANET. In today’s modern world we recognize it by the name of the internet.

The accessibility of the internet has become too generic now. The lives of people depend upon it. Millions of people make their living with it and earn their bread. Modes of access to the internet are different viz. wireless, wired, etc. The world has witnessed a revolution in the sector of internet development in the past 2 decades.

The might of the internet is magnanimously huge. Services offered by the internet are uncountable and of immeasurable importance.

Some of the services offered by the internet are listed below:

  • Communication: With the advent of the internet communication has expanded manifold. Communications in the form of text, voice, and video have evolved many times. With the internet now at its disposal communication has come at the tip of fingers. Documents are required immediately? Just email it to them. Missed a family occasion? Just watch the photos and videos sent over Whatsapp. Miss seeing your loved ones? Just have a video chat with them. All these methods have filled the communication gap that has existed for decades.
  • Entertainment: The arrival of the internet has also enhanced entertainment facilities. Previously the only source of entertainment that was available to the public as Televisions, Radios, Movie halls, etc. But now with the advent of the internet a plethora of entertainment sources have come to place like games, movie streaming, etc. Video streaming platforms also have grown exponentially with the coveted advent of the internet. Vines and short videos are a thing of today. These are the things that are liked in the world today.
  • Education: The internet only comes with entertainment and mind-stimulating activities. It also has a wide variety of educational services. From being enrolled in a full-time university to joining a local coaching institute. There literally is an ocean of knowledge out there on the internet. It benefits the students and working professionals equally if they want to study and use the resources efficiently. Anyone can learn anything on the internet from the mind-bogglingly tough Quantum Physics to the blatantly sharp English Literature. One can learn to knit a sweater or to make a car. Internet in educational opportunities is that wide.
  • Social media: While some people might not consider this a boon of the internet it neither is a curse. Social media is an excellent tool to look out for people that you have been searching for a long time. Maybe a school crush or a long-lost best friend, social media has its advantages and disadvantages. But that’s up to the individual as to how he/she would like to use social media. Social media can be used limitedly, just uploading pictures, seeing who is up to what, etc. Social media marketing is another great aspect of advertisement which can prove to be quite useful.
  • Shopping: One of the many new advantages of the internet is buying articles from the comfort of home. E-commerce websites have gained quite popularity this way. These E-commerce websites take orders from the customers over their website or app and have the product delivered at the doorstep by charging meager delivery fees over the price of the product.
  • Employment: The Internet has also become the major hub of employment. Jobs either private, government, contractual, permanent all are conveniently available on it. Also, all the job applications are filled online now. Gone are the days of posting the application form in post offices.

Internet connectivity:-

With such features, it is quite clear that dependency upon the internet increases manifold. And this poses a different kind of threat. Any failure in internet connectivity can cost us dearly as the whole of the countries digital infrastructure is dependent upon it. So it is vital to have internet connectivity intact or have other options ready. Other options here mean alternative to the present form of connection. That is if one is using a wireless connection then as an alternative a wired connection or some other network’s internet must be ready if doing some important work. For instance, making a high amount transaction, appearing for a test, or interview online.

Internet connectivity checker is one such tool that can help avoid conditions where work gets disrupted due to poor connection.

Some of its features are as under:

1) Speed checker: Transfer rate for download as well as upload can be recorded with it. This gives a forewarning about the condition of the internet and whether any crucial files should be downloaded or uploaded with it. This also gives a crucial aspect of the network strength and its capability to bear heavy tasks or operations.

2) Network diagnoser: Some net checkers come with a dedicated option of network health checker. This diagnoses any issues with the currently available network. Or lets the user know it and do anything about it.

To sum up

While retrospecting on the fact that the internet is crucial for any operation in the digital world of today, we also come to realize that having an eye upon network health is equally important. What good will all the might of internet be if it goes down at the required times. These situations must be avoided at all costs.

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