Introducing the  Poker deck , Big and Small Combinations, Standard Game Rules

Poker deck is a necessary tool to serve the game. A full set will have 54 cards including 2 Joker cards. Each tree will have its own value and when combined together will form large and small hands. Details of the arrangement and basic game rules are fully provided by Nhà cái New88 below.

Introduction to the game and specialized  Poker deck s

Poker card game is a product in the hottest card category in the betting market. The game is sought after because of its appeal, players who want to win must have logical thinking. To do that, you must know the cards, basic rules, and the size of the combination.

 Poker decks are specialized tools that appear in all large and small matches. A set will have 54 cards with values ​​from 1 to K, Ace, 2 white and black Jokers. The corresponding suits are hearts, diamonds, hearts, and spades.

From 52 cards, they will often be paired together to form groups, trios, lines and then compared. From the trees you receive, there will be many ways to arrange them, the goal is to compare them to win and get a lot of money.

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Summary of large and small hands from the  Poker deck 

The  Poker deck  has a traditional number and design so it’s easy to learn. Individual trees will combine together to form large and small combinations. The following are groups arranged in alphabetical order, please refer to them.

Combinations involve scores, ignoring color

The cards in a  Poker deck  are linked together according to arbitrary scores and colors, it doesn’t matter. Mau Dau < Double < Sam chi < Hall < Four precious < Barrel < Five precious.

  • Mau Bi or High Card is used to represent individual cards that cannot be combined with other cards. The pieces in this group do not care about color or quality but only care about value. In case this tree has to be compared, whoever has the higher score wins. For example: 7 muscles, 9 cloves, A muscle moves independently.

A trade consists of 2 5 10 J K

  • Pair/Two pairs: Two cards with the same score will combine to form a pair. This group may or may not be of the same color. For example: Pair Q includes hearts and clubs, pair 4 includes one card 4 hearts and one card 4 spades.
  • Sam Chi: A combination is called Sam Chi if there are 3 cards of the same number appearing at the same time. When considering high and low, the size of the entire cluster will be calculated. For example: J muscle, J shrimp, J check.

Sam Chi combined with 2 Mau Bi

  • Straight: 5 consecutive cards standing next to each other forming a series of numbers but not of the same suit. The condition for deciding high and low is to consider the highest card in this group. For example: String 5 hearts, 6 hearts, 7 hearts, 8 hearts, 9 hearts.
  • Four of a Kind: The formation condition is 4 cards of the same number, typically Ace with 4 suits.
  • Barrel: The English name Full House refers to the presence of a trio and a pair. When calculating winning or losing, consider the high and low of the 3 cards. For example: Q of hearts, Q of hearts, Q of spades and pair of 6 of hearts and diamonds.


The triple K and double 10 form the barrel wall

  • Five of a kind: A four plus Joker.

How to create combinations based on suit from a  Poker deck 

Creating groups this way will create combinations with the greatest value including:

  • Lobby Crate: Is a set of 5 cards combined together and of the same quality. Illustration: 7,8,9,10,J muscle.
  • King of barrels (straight of barrels): You match a specific straight of the same suit such as 9 10 J Q K of spades.

The straight line is 5 6 7 8 9 of spades

Basic rules of playing with Poker cards

A Poker bet at bookmaker New88 goes through 5 steps corresponding to 4 rounds and one step of placing money. Specifically, the stages take place with the following sequence of events:

  • Blind bet: The two people on the left and right of the dealer must bet on small and big blinds respectively. The smallest limit of the game is 10k which is the big blind, the small blind is 1/2.
  • Round 1: Each door will receive 2 cards called trump cards in turn from left to right. In this round, everyone has the right to choose to Raise or Set.
  • Round 2: This stage the dealer will turn over 3 community cards in the middle of the table. The betting session starts with Yield, Call, Raise, Set. When the bets of the houses are equal, they will stop.
  • Round 3: The 4th community card appears, the round continues with the above choices. The small blind position will start this turn.
  • Round 4: Common number 5 will also be turned up, the player continues these choose above. After this session, it will be determined that the person holding the most large hands will win, receiving all the bonuses. In case there is more than 1 first place, the prize will be divided equally.

Choices take place in rounds of play

Each round, members will have the options to fold, bet, raise, call, and check. Specifically, each command is understood as follows:

  • Fold: According to the large group of each card in the  Poker deck , you see that your combination is bad, if you continue, you will suffer a heavy loss. Therefore, we decided to stop at the beginning to minimize risks in the next turns.
  • Bet: Players spend money to bet on this game according to the small and big blinds.
  • Raise: The bet amount is increased to put pressure on the next player.
  • Follow: If the previous person bet 10 coins, you must also follow exactly 10 coins.
  • Check the cards: If you choose this feature, you will still follow the cards but will not add money. The next person’s turn continues normally.

Above is the information about Poker deck , large and small combinations and basic game rules. Using theory combined with practical tips is sure to make a lot of money. All are being provided by New88 in the card game section, please visit and use the service.

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