Introduction To The Law Of Money And Luck

Over/under is a game that is heavily bet in all betting sports. Although the game mechanism is very simple, it is not easy for players to win. Today, let’s learn about the rules of money and fainting with the ST666 house that you cannot ignore.

1.Overview of Tai and faint

In English, Over – Under will be called Over – Under abbreviated as O/U. Game Over fainting, also known as Sicbo, is a prominent game that attracts many brothers to play at the ST666 house. This betting game is very familiar to many betting enthusiasts in Asia

Playing poker is never difficult, as long as you know the rules and have a little luck, you can win. Here are the rules of the game that you need to know. When playing, you will use 3 dice to play. Each ball will have 6 faces, when the dealer starts to roll the dice, bet on the outcome. If the sum of 3 heads of the dice adds up to 4-10, it’s called under, and if the total is 11-17, it’s big.

Currently in Vietnam, online gambling is strongly popular, storming everywhere on social networks, you can find this game on any website. If you want to participate in the game, you need to understand the rules of the game and the things related to it. Here, let’s learn about the law of money and fainting at ST666!

2.Explanation of the phrase the law of money and fainting

The name Tai Xiu is also known as a sicbo name. This is a game that originated in China, since it was introduced to our country, it has attracted many brothers and is now becoming extremely popular. The dice consists of three dice, each of which has 6 faces marked with dots.

The rule of over and under is that when the game starts, the Dealer will shake the dice into one of the small boxes and start shaking them. At this point, the players will observe carefully and then calculate the ability of each door to finally make a choice.

Winning or losing when playing the game of big and thin it only depends on the bronze dice along with luck, so whether you play live or online, you can’t win absolutely or lose all.

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  1. The law of over and under in 6 types of bets you need to be sure

Below ST666 has guided you to 6 types of bets that you need to be sure of while playing over and under.

3.1 Over or under bets

This is a 50/50 red black bet because it only consists of 2 bets, one is big, two will be under, and one is that you eat money and you lose money. This type of bet is being used very widely in both traditional and online casinos. You will calculate the score by adding the 3 heads of the 3 dice together.

  • Wealth from 4 to 10 points
  • Under 11 to 17 points

Note: When you turn the dice up, if the 3 faces of the 3 dice have the same number of points, the win will belong to the dealer, regardless of whether you bet over or under.

3.2 Parity gate bet

The sum of the heads of the 3 dice will be: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 are even. Odds will be: 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17.

Not as simple as over and under bets, in this bet you need to predict the exact total score of the dice. In the rules of over and under, you can only bet the number of points from 4 to 17. In this bet type, the bookie will offer a specific amount of bonuses for the doors, so you need an approximate budget to place your bets. reasonable bets.

3.3 Pair of dice

If you choose to play this type of bet with the interest of making money, it may not be a very wise choice. It can be said that this is a bet where the odds of winning are almost the lowest, even lower than the identical duo. You will predict the return of 2 out of 3 dice.

3.4 Homogeneous duo

Matching Pairs betting is about predicting the outcome of the same pair in a given set. For example, 3 dice returns 1 4 4, this is the same pair. The odds of winning this bet are very high: 1:1.

This is a type of bet where the odds of up to 1:30 are almost the highest of the over and under game, can even go up to 1:180 if you correctly guess the specific identical triple. The way to play is to predict whether the outcome of 3 dice will be the same or not, for example: 1 1 1, 5-5-5.

In general, once you have mastered the rules of betting, whether real or online, you can join the game easily. You need to be alert so you don’t get too caught up in it. Know where to stop!

The above information of ST666 cassini has guided players, hoping to help you better understand the rules of the game. Hope you guys will have moments of fun filled with fun.

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