Is a Smartphone Affecting Our Children?

A smartphone is mainly a phone which is a touchscreen phone. It has many extra features to do; some stuff like taking a photo, video, playing games. It has multimedia functionality. These days it is becoming a popular gadget to every age of people from child to old. Survey says it’s now about half of the population of the world has occupied Smartphone. Like other ages of the population, the Smartphone is now popular with two children. Cause it can entertain children. Children can play games, listen to songs, watch the cartoon, movies with a Smartphone. But it has some serious issues too. It could be hazardous for children if they overused a smartphone.

Reason: because of Civilization, there is decreasing playgrounds. Children can’t play outside due to the shortage of playgrounds. That’s why they are getting used to using a Smartphone. As there is no barrier, they are getting addicted to gadgets. Parents are also helpless; they can’t afford a playground, but they can easily afford a Smartphone; knowing the destructive impacts, they are bound to giving them to their children.

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Impacts: according to research, it is proposed that the human brain cannot tolerate electromagnetic radiation; on the other hand, the Smartphone has intense radiation that strongly affects on young Brain; the radiation also reduce the sleep time of youth. The Smartphone also reduces the tendency to pass the time with other children as busy with Smartphone. Significantly because of affecting the brain, it also decreases the academic performance of children.

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What to do: Parents can do some things to reduce the damage. It is suggested that not to give Smartphone under 14 years old. If parents give Smartphone to underage children, they should be aware of what children do with the Smartphone and limit smartphones. If they use a Smartphone for around 6 hours, it will be harmful to them. Parents should keep that in mind.

Conclusion: Smartphone has some great feature of easy life and some dangerous impact on life. Parents should be wise about giving a smartphone to children; otherwise, it will cause permanent damage.

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