Is hemp oil same as marijuana or CBD?

The most frequently asked question is how CBD is different from marijuana. A lot ofinformation is available all over the internet regarding the image of hemp oil,CBD and marijuana. However, these compounds always got mixed reviews byeverybody; some categories them as drugs, some as pharmaceutical products. Weunderstand the sensitivity of this topic. Therefore, we believe clarity is muchneeded at this moment.

First,it is important to understand that hemp seed oil and CBD oil are different, andmarijuana is a different compound altogether. Below we have clarified each ofthem separately to get clarity on this topic from scratch.

Hemp oil  

The hemp plant, also called the cannabis plant, is harvested commercially. You caneasily search for hemp oil products, like capsules, tinctures, etc. in themarket or find hemp oil trial kit that contains all CBD products. Due to plants height, it is always preferable to cultivate it outdoor.Usually, hemp oil has a high level of concentrated cannabidiol (CBD) andnon-psychotic cannabinoids but carries almost zero levels of THC level. The THClevel is the sole reason behind the psychoactive effects of marijuana or anyother product.

Hemp oil products are an element from the controlled substances act, which passed in the 2008 farm bill. According to the new act, people can commercially cultivate hemp plants and sell them publicly.

CBD oil 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a powerful substance present in hemp plants. Cannabis is an annualherbaceous plant. It is usually classified into two types, indica and sativa.Hemp comes under cannabis sativa species only, and marijuana can be bothcannabis indica or cannabis sativa species. In other words, if CBD oil isderived from the hemp seed plant, then it is ethical, but if the CBD isextracted from the marijuana plant, it is federally illegal and comes under theact despite any local laws.


Marijuana is a cannabis plant, also harvested but for psychoactive and euphoricproperties. Consumers experience the feeling of being relaxed after consumingit due to a high level of THC. Seeds and stalks of the marijuana plant are notused publicly or commercially.

Instead, the plant is cultivated to extract its highly sticky flower, which contains plenty ofcannabinoids. The THC level is higher (i.e., 30% per dry weight) in marijuana than in hemp.Therefore, it is considered under the ‘schedule I substance under controlled substance act, 1970 ‘. The use of marijuana is mostly banned in many countries because it has the potential for abuse.


Now some things must have cleared your mind regarding the hemp plant and marijuanaFirst, these are two different plants, and CBD is acommon compound present in both plants. Second, if you secrete CBD from thehemp plant, which has a low level of THC, it is a legal and useful product with

many benefits. But if you extract CBD from the marijuana plant, it becomesillegal due to the high level of THC and develops the potential to abuse.

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