Is it always worth wearing expensive clothes?

The clothing industry is constantly growing. Fashion is becoming the primary concern of everybody living in any part of the world. People are involved in trying new kinds of fashion that seem attractive and in demand. There are proper sets of codes for styling the fashion for different occasions. This is the reason why everyone is making efforts to look attractive, wear clothes which suit their personality. Almost every business related to the fashion industry is making money by creating new and fast fashion for the people. Every person of any age group is trying to fit into the growing fashion industry. Many established companies and brand names are making money. They are adopting different ways of doing so. Different strategies are made to attract the public. Brands are using big celebrities’ faces to promote and many brands established in any country are trading their clothing products to different parts of the globe. Because of these reasons, brands are making their price high for the products they are selling such as funny t-shirts, skiing tshirt, denim shorts, and tank tops etc. There are so many price hikes. But now the question is, is it really worth spending so much money constantly on fashionable clothes? There are several points on which making concern is important before buying expensive clothing.

  • Quality: This is a very big concern while buying clothes. The quality depends upon the brand and the money it is charging. Expensive clothing means good fabric quality and sustainability of the cloth. Many big companies claim to provide an ideal cloth material but this is not always the truth. For example, many cotton tees come with the price of five dollars but companies with a brand value can sell it at the price of hundreds of dollars which is a lot of money to spend.
  • Uniqueness: There is no doubt that wearing expensive clothes gives a unique sense of fashion. The trends are completely developed by high class and experienced market experts and designers. But buying clothes of somewhat low price can bring variety to the wardrobe. It would give the person a choice to try new clothes every day. It also means that choosing the right platform for the right kind of clothes can save money a lot. There are many sites that can provide good clothes at pocket-friendly pricing, one just needs to search for the best medium to do the shopping for themselves.
  • Custom clothing: It sounds really expensive to do so, but customized clothing can be so expensive. If the designer is well reputed and gained popularity over time, then definitely the charging of clothes made by them would be unbelievably high. But there are many startups and small businesses which are involved in providing a good way for customized clothes. For instance, business-like Print Shop by Designhill expertise in making customized clothes specially focussed on T-shirts more. It can make any kind of custom made t-shirts. Funny tshirts, quote t-shirts, printed ones etc. So, here also, it is not always a good idea to invest more in buying expensive clothing.
  • Taxes: When a cloth gets shipped from its countrys’ origin then it might add up many additional pricing. Which includes shipping charges, the tax which a company needs to give another country to sell their products, pricing of the transportation etc. And this is the reason why the pricing of the products got so high. Also, the difference between the currency’s value also plays a major role in deciding the price of any cloth. Hence, all the products that were shipped from other countries come up with a very high price. In fact, the quality remains the same sometimes, it’s all taxes and other charges. So, it is not always the right choice to pay for such high priced clothes. The decision should depend upon considering several important factors like comfort, pocket friendly or not, quality check, quantity check, profession etc.
  • Old is gold: Sometimes this theory supports the idea to get the right cloth. Infact pay a bit higher can be worthy of the quality that is never dying. There are many fashionable clothes which demand a fine quality otherwise, it is of no use getting that. For instance; a leather jacket. This is the type of cloth that can sustain if the quality of the leather is up to the mark. The leather has a longer life and higher sustainability with several benefits. It keeps you warm, looks good on the body etc. buying a low priced leather jacket can become shabby in such a short duration and spending even a little amount of money is not worth it. The process of making fine quality leather is very long and procedural with lots of human efforts. Hence, all the product from any company made up of leather comes up with high pricing. So, spending money there can be a logical choice as it can give sustainability and a product on which a person can rely.

So, in conclusion, it is not always the right choice to buy expensive clothes and wear them on a daily basis. Instead, knowledge about how the product is coming and how the pricing is decided considering what kind of factors can save lots of money. That way one can spend a genuine price on buying fashionable clothes rather than spending so much without any valid reason. If you are fond of t-shirts then you can explore PrintShop by Designhill and order the best fit custom t-shirt for yourself. Good research can help a person in deciding what to buy.

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