Is It Safe to Use a Virtual Phone Number?

Choosing virtual telephony, private clients and businesses are worried about how secure this connection will be. Everyone knows how many types of online fraud have spread in recent years. Will fraudulent also encroach on telephony? Should additional protections be taken?

HotTelecom has been operating in the telephone services market since 2009. It provides its customers with VoIP telephony assisting them on all stages of its installation: from choosing the right equipment to keeping it running after launching. One of the main objectives for HotTelecom specialists is data privacy of its clients.

Virtual Phone Number is a Safe Solution For Your Business

One of the main advantages of VoIP telephony is its flexibility. You can choose

  • permanent
  • temporary or disposable virtual number.

Besides that, virtual phone numbers also provide anonymity for your landline phones. VoIP telephony has such a feature as hiding your caller ID. Security and confidentiality of conversations are ensured by special protocols and encryption. In case of any suspicious activity, HotTelecom immediately notifies its clients.

Temporary Phone Numbers On Guard of Your Business

Temporary or disposable phone numbers protect your privacy and guarantee anonymity.

  • If your business is characterized by special risks

  • if you are afraid of information leakage or online surveillance
  • if you don’t want to be attacked by spammers
  • if you don’t want to reveal your real phone number, you may choose temporary phone numbers.

Moreover, in order to remain anonymous, you can buy any type of virtual phone number at HotTelecom with cryptocurrency. Any other services of HotTelecom can be paid with cryptocurrency as well.

HotTelecom has a long and successful experience in ensuring the security and privacy of its customers’ conversations. Users all over the world trust HotTelecom in providing VoIP telephony for the most important and confidential negotiations. It is a reliable and verified company that guards communications of its clients with the most advanced protocols.

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