Is SEO still relevant in 2022?

We all know that Google keeps constantly updating its algorithms. It also makes changes to the Google search results page. So, the question is whether SEO is still applicable when we are about to step into 2022? Yes, SEO is still very much needed and relevant. However, we have to understand that SEO has massively evolved. Some of the SEO techniques that guarantee effective results have now become obsolete.

However, this doesn’t mean that SEO doesn’t work anymore. It is the best of digital marketing strategies that yield long-term results. Even in 2022, SEO is essential and even more essential than ever before. You just need to know how to tweak it according to the present situation.

People and search engines

Search engines are the most commonly used method when looking for anything on the internet. This phenomenon makes it essential for us to be listed in their results. Google approximately does over 3.5 billion searches in a day. So the possibility of at least one or two of those searches being relevant to your niche is very high.

Any of these users may become your customers. This is where SEO comes in. SEO takes time and effort, but the results can be well worth it.

Importance of web traffic

People prefer to use a search engine to search for any product or service. So it makes sense to use SEO techniques to improve your website ranking. Google’s search results impact user buying decisions in a big way. Google is considered an authority according to the internet. Investing in affordable SEO services will benefit you in the long run.

Experts say that websites appearing on page 1 of Google get close to 21 clicks, and those on pages 2and 3 get around five clicks each.

How Google’s rankings have changed

It wasn’t that difficult to rank high on Google’s result pages about ten years back. Also, the competition was lower. Over the years, Google has significantly evolved, and it takes into account many signals to decide which site deserves to rank at the top. Google is constantly evolving, with around 500-600 updates every year: its search result pages are continuously revamped. It is not a bad thing. These updates help by improving factors like stability, user experience, and reliability.

SEO and content visibility

If you spend time creating content that does not rank high in search engines. You are wasting your time and resources. Result-oriented SEO services will ensure that your content gets the recognition it deserves. Keywords are still relevant but not age-old practices like keyword stuffing etc. This is the beginning of a good trend. If fewer keywords mean fewer visitors, the ones you lose don’t matter. The quantity of web traffic may reduce, but the quality will go up. Be it 2022 or the following years, time and resources spent on SEO will continue to remain vital. So, make sure that if you are consistent with posting content on your website, you also have an SEO expert team available to ensure that the content reaches the right audience when they are looking for it to ultimately bring back value to your business. You can hire them as per their expertise and its match with the requirements of your CMS. For example, if your website is hosted on WordPress, you can get a team for yourself who has the expertise in the same and can optimize WordPress site for your business.


As we see, the SEO services are not stopping to be relevant any time soon. It is about time that companies should invest in it.

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