Know the Benefits That Come with Pursuing A Certification on the Project Management Professional Course

An increasing number of people are constantly enrolling themselves in many different types of certification courses. This is mainly done to add an extra weight to their resume and showcase that they are more committed, goal-oriented, and valuable than their contemporaries in the same field. This is true in this case, as having an extra certification in a resume is seen as a huge advantage by the employer. Additionally, it also sets the candidate apart from others applying for the same, making him much more eligible.

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So, when you are already thinking of taking a certification course, then why not opt for one that also increases your market value by a drastic rate? One that will also open up more job opportunities for you with high incomes? The Project Management Professional course or the PMP course not just makes you eligible for one of the most reputable job positions in the corporate industry. Still, you also get introduced to a wide range of high earning job roles.

But apart from being a high paying job position and one of the most reputable positions, there are many more factors based upon which one might like to pursue a certification course on Project Management Professional. In this article, we will share what these factors are with you.

1. Having a PMP certification makes your resume a lot more attractive for your future recruiters:

One of the greatest advantages of having a PMP Certification in Seattle is that it is popularly recognized as one of the most challenging certification courses across the world. So when you have this certificate on yourself, you will naturally showcase your high skillset of sheer effort, commitment, and intelligence to your recruiter.

Industries that require high regulation, such as pharmaceuticals, aerospace, or the services based upon finance, do not consider candidates who do not have a PMP certification. If you are a beginner in the field, you will open up many new great job opportunities to excel. And if you are a veteran, then having this certification will add the matter of a proven track record and boost your current career.

2. There is a never-ending demand for project managers, meaning you will never be in a shortage of job opportunities:

Every enterprise or organization requires a Project Management Professional who will look after the enterprise’s management and product development processes. A PMP works as a team leader: without one, there will be no one to guide the overall working of the place. Once you have attended a PMP training online, your market value increases by 20% compared to a project manager who does not carry a certification.

Surveys have shown that the demand and job opportunity for a Project Management Professional has exceeded CSMs, CSPs, PMI – ACPs, Project Managers for Agile, and even Agile coaches. A recent survey conducted by ComputerWorld revealed that approximately 40% of the executives in an IT field have reported that they intend to, if not have already hired Project Management Professionals for their organizations.

We hope that you found our article to be helpful!

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