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Inherited hair loss is more common than most people think. In fact, by the age of 60, men will experience about 60% of bowling, and hundreds of thousands of women will experience similar consequences. Visit for best human hair lace wigs.

Other types of hair loss, such as telogen influenza, are caused by stress or hormonal imbalances in the body and brain, such as those experienced during pregnancy and usually affect people only temporarily. That is, their hair growth cycle has stopped for some internal reason but will resume months later after the imbalance has been corrected. Unlike telogen effluvium, hair loss due to genetics is not necessarily due to any particular stress and is usually not affected by hormones or other internal factors.

Myths surrounding hereditary hair loss

Despite the fact that many people experience some degree of hair loss during their lifetime, not everyone has a clear picture of the causes of hereditary hair loss and its growth. How to treat it to slow down or prevent it. There are some general traditions about genetic hair loss and the reality behind it.

Genetic hair loss occurs only in men.

As mentioned above, genetic hair loss occurs in both men and women. The main reason people don’t think that women suffer from hair loss is the fact that when men often become completely bald over time, women become thinner in all parts of their head. Most of it is part of their hair. Buy colored wigs online.

If women also become bald due to their genetics, it will be more clear that both men and women face the problem of hereditary hair loss. However, women run from head to toe with their head, which is thinner than before, but still covers their entire head and does not look different.

The “hair loss gene” comes from your mother.

There is an old saying that if you want to know the future of your hair, look to your mother’s father. There is a good reason behind the spread of these superstitions. Males inherit their X chromosome from their mother, which contains the androgen receptor gene, a gene that is closely related to whether or not you have inherited baldness.

However, ophthalmologists have confirmed that hereditary hair loss can, in fact, be caused by both parents. Although the probability is stronger than your mother’s, it does not necessarily mean that you have been assured of losing your hair, and those whose fathers have gone bald are more likely than the statistics. They are more likely to lose their hair regardless of their X-ray. Find here a blonde lace front wig.

Genetic hair loss is caused by health problems, stress, and excessive styling.

You may remember this non-genetic condition, telogen effluvium. The term is mostly associated with hair loss caused by factors such as stress, hormonal imbalances, medication, poor diet, and pregnancy. In addition to these factors, many people report hair loss due to excessive use of styling products such as brushes, hair ties, blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons.

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Although hair loss due to these catalysts can be devastating, it has nothing to do with your genetics and, in many cases, your lost hair replenishes itself over time. Genetic hair loss will not heal itself naturally and requires more focused treatment than reducing stress, adjusting your diet, and changing medications. If you are at risk for hereditary hair loss, you should still avoid excessive stress, poor diet, or medication for the harmful effects of hair loss as it can damage your hair.

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