Land On The Best Bedding For That Cozy Deep Sleep

There is nothing like crawling into a bed after a hectic day. The bedroom is a sleep haven and a chillout zone where you can re-energize for the upcoming day. While it is important that the place should look aesthetically pleasing, reflecting your style is also important. It should also be cosy and comfortable for good quality sleep. There are many factors that contribute to that, but among them is bedding. This helps you to sleep as comfortably as possible. Read below to know how to buy the best bedding for deep sleep. Once you know how to pick your bedding, browse through the Wakefit website for some stunning collections.

The Bed and the Mattress

The bed and the mattress are one of the most important elements in a bedroom. You may have the best comforters and linens, but they lose their charm if not laid on a proper mattress. If the mattress is sagging or has lost its shape then having the best bedding will not serve the purpose. Hence it is better to have a mattress that is of good quality and provides the needed comfort and support. Consider purchasing a memory foam mattress or other such that can provide quality sleep. To ensure that the mattress does not get spoilt, opt for a mattress protector as that can improve its life.  Also, ensure that it is placed on a supportive frame so that the mattress lasts its full life. mattress protector

Choosing Pillow and Duvets

Another important thing that makes for a luxurious sleep is the bed linens and accessories. To get the cloud-like feeling on the bed you should invest in a good quality duvet and pillows. There are various aspects to consider when choosing a duvet like how cold or warm you want or what is the size, etc.

Duvet and comforters

  • Choose a duvet or a comforter with the correct tog ratings. This is a measure of the warmth that it provides so that you enjoy good sleep at the right temperature. For example;2.5 – 4 for summer; 9 to 10 for spring and autumn; 12 to 13.5 for winter. All-season duvets or comforters are also ideal for Indian conditions. Check out online for the best comforter online.
  • Construction and casing should be of good quality to retain the shape and heat, baffle walls and quilting are the best ways. Also, have a duvet with a casing that is down-proof so that the weight and feel of it are retained.


  • It should be soft and firm to get the perfect support for your shoulders, head, and neck. To determine whether the pillows need to be changed, place them over your arms, and if it droops, a new one is needed. Not all super soft pillows are supportive opt for something that is soft but supportive.
  • The pillow filling should be based on your preference. There are various choices like down, silk, memory foam, etc. Memory foam and latex pillow are the most recommended as they contour to the shape of the head and neck.

Thread Count

It is the measure of the fabric’s fineness. It is counted by the number of threads in a square inch of fabric. It is considered a measure of quality, but a higher thread count does not mean better quality as it can include twisted threads. So the bed linen quality is determined not just by the fineness of the fabric but also by the weaving and the finishing. So it is not the quantity of thread but the quality of thread, weaving, and finishing that matters. Purchase a bedsheet with pillow cover to get the best look for your bedroom.


The type of material is a matter of preference, but it also determines the cosiness it offers. You should think of how you want to feel for the eight hours of sleep. Some of the popular materials to choose from are:

  • Egyptian Cotton: When the best quality cotton is used, it makes for soft and durable sheets. But it is expensive compared to other cotton types.
  • Supima or Pima cotton: These are known for their softness and sheen and are more affordable than Egyptian cotton.
  • Linen: Linen sheets are the most expensive but will last for decades. They are durable and soft and, unlike other materials, improve as they age.
  • Polyblend: These are resistant to wrinkles and are the most popular as they are affordable and last long.

Weave and Pattern

The feel of your bedding is hugely dependent on the way it is woven. A percale sheet is popular as it is tightly woven and is lightweight. That makes it cool and crisp bedding for summer. A material like microfiber has a dense and super-tight weave. This makes it super soft, wrinkle-free, and water-resistant. Satin is another weave to consider where it is luxurious to look and ultra-soft to feel. The texture of flannel makes it ideal for cool climates. So depending on your preference and the season, you can opt for any or all of these. That ensures you have variety not only in terms of look but also in terms of comfort.

The pattern, too, plays an important role in the overall design. It is recommended that you have a mix of patterns of the same colour, and it is an easy way to experiment.

A cozy-looking bedroom promotes sound sleep. Add some finishing touches like a throw pillow and room decor that go well with your bedding. It is simple to purchase bedding online; opt for neutral colours to match with any bedding. Consider your needs and preferences, and then find bedding and accessories to make for a restful and cosy bedroom.

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