Landyachtz Dinghy Cat Fight


As we know, a land yacht is the best company that produces amazing skateboards worldwide. The skateboard is fantastic and easy to use for all ages.

No matter if you are younger, you can still easily use it or even with different tricks. In this article, we have discussed landyachtz dinghy review

Portable size

The size of the landyachtz dinghy is 28.5, with a length of 28.5. Also, it has a width of eight end wheelbase is 14.6. That makes it more portable and easy to use.

Superb design and shape

The best landyachtz dinghy catfight that we have is in the shape of a kick tail and low concave. This shape is amazingly made for those who want to play different tricks with skateboards. As we can consider, the name catfight will protect you in any condition, just like catfighting.

Light-weighted skateboard.

The build of this skateboard is impressive with its polar bear 105-millimeter trucks that are light weighted and in black colors. Furthermore, it has unique 63MM wheels, bearings, bushings, and 1 / 8 size great risers. It has different grip tape with a clear and more standard size.

Wheelbase and Grip

Its wheelbase is 14.6 inches and 37 centimeters. It does not have any rocker camber. It has different graphics with amazing grip tape that will keep your feet in one particular space, and this feature will give your skateboard a fantastic performance.


First of all, whenever we talk about any product, we must look for its construction. Thus this product landyachtz dinghy is made up of 100% Canadian Maple that will always protect you with its high-quality material. With the best quality, you will never face any problem even in the rain, and you can go outside and play.

Additional feature

Furthermore, it has sanded wheels that are the best additional feature in the dinghy skateboard. The cost of this skateboard is a bit higher, but it will give you stability with the best material.

Easy for bouncing.

It has incredible hardware that will give you a ride free of any fear with soft wheels. You can quickly bounce with it because of its excellent hardness. You can easily roam on your streets or somewhere in the park. It will be the best choice for you as a skateboard lover because it gives you the comfortability of using the best material.

Style and warranty

It is suitable for cruising and carving riding with a kicktail and top mount deck style. You can easily use it for a more extended period. They are giving a one-year warranty that will provide you with confidence to play without any hesitation and the problem of breaking down.


In conclusion, It is made up of high quality that will never cause you any breakdown. You will feel the best control with the fantastic performance of your skateboard.

It will give you no slip and all control over your position because of the best size. You can easily enjoy your time with landyachtz dinghy. This is the landyachtz dinghy review you will ever use for your ease and comfortability.

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