Leading Property Management System in Australia

A property management system (PMS) is software for the operations of hospitality, Hotels, and industrial residential. PMS is also used in production industries, nearby governments. The property management system is referred to as a hotel operating system or hotel OS.

PMS provides a centralized pc machine to organize, timetable, and perform the everyday features and transactions worried in hotel groups. Computer report retaining and PMS have multiplied the efficiency of hospitality industries notably clearly by way of making it viable to update and consult advice from centralized data from more than one computer and device. PMS answers were custom designed for the wishes of the hospitality enterprise to further increase ease of operations.

Today PMS capabilities have expanded beyond core functions like room inventory, reservations, housekeeping, and room assignments, to include all areas of hotel operations. Now you can also schedule preventive maintenance, draw up room attendant sheets for housekeeping and even manage your meeting, conference, and banqueting rooms.

Top 5 Property Management System in the Hotel Industry


RMS Cloud is a globally famed property management software organization with headquarters in Australia. In addition to contributing to the development of the hosting business, RMS strives to stay at the forefront of technology. With Cloud RMS, you can use internal channel managers to increase sales. RMS has been at the forefront of developing property and reservations management systems for over 30 years for the vacation park, caravan and RV park, resort, inn, and apartment segments with uniqueness programs for the mining, protection, facility, and purchasing middle industries.


Frontdesk anywhere provides the customers with an entire hotel property management system solution to run the first aspects of the business. Booking management, client interaction, customary and customizable reports, income and reputation management, point-of-sale, and credit card process all the services are provided by Frontdesk anywhere. For increasing on-line sales FrontdeskAnywhere’s PMS has launched a pooled inventory pattern that has two-way property to OTAs, GDS, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and varied different web booking engines.


Hotelogix is the most famous software which is very useful in making online reservations. Hotelogix isn’t only makes the reservation and the bookings easy but additionally as easy as a mouse click. It is a cloud-based software that is very helpful in not only bookings but the user can upgrade his booked room and even do the payment before or after check out.


By using CLOUD PM to eliminate the capital cost of patented technology, improve operational capabilities and reduce expensive equipment requirements, you can save money. Server and IT resources. The dashboard provides real-time visibility and statistical summaries of visitor activity. Flexible rate plans with monthly, day-of-week, and day-of-stay are available with rate configurations.

Opera Property Management System (PMS) from Oracle

This software has been designed to fulfil the various necessities of any size property or property chain. OPERA PMS offers the tools that will help you run your operation at a more degree of productiveness and profitability than ever before.

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