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Veena is a type of olden musical instruments evolved in India. The Veena is also known as Vina. Veena is available with various designs and various names in various regions. The SaraswatiVeenais a string instrument invented by veena maestro SuvirMisra,RudraVeenais invented in the representation of Lord Shiva; the ethics says that this veena is played by lord Pavathidevi, the VichitraVeena is familiar in the Hindusthani Music. While in Carnatic Music we use the Veena design named ‘Lute’.The Veenas used in different regions and different music cultures will have different shape and structure. In the Indian mythology, Veena is known as the instrument played by Goddess Saraswathi. It is one of the olden music instruments progressed in India and has been part of the Learn Indian Classical Music since ages. Saamveda Music Academy Veena Classes Online and Offline details are here for the music devotees.

Indian Classical Music – VeenaClass Online

Can we Learn Veena Online? – Yes!! Saamaveda Music Academy is providing Veena Online Classes for aspirants. Along with the classroom training, now we offer online classes via Skype. The timings will be flexible as per the learner’s choice.Veena Classes will be provided for group and individual learners as per their choice.The classes will be held in weekdays for group learners and weekends for individual learners. Learners will be trained to get Veena Certificationin Diploma, Graduation, and PG. Music adherents from across the globe can get the Veena Instrument Online Classes.

Veena Course Curriculum

In Veena Class, the theory and practices about the instrument, the basics of Veena, finger placements, holding techniques, and related methods will be taught initially. As the Carnatic Music is the base for learning the musical instruments, Carnatic Music Concepts will be taught for the learners. Complete guidance about Veena notations, playing instructions, and full support for clearing the doubts will be provided by the tutors. Veena Learning will be helpful in improving the concentration, reliving from mental stress, and helps to build the self-confidence. Music adherents who wish to start learning Veena or discontinued learning earlier can start the Veena Classes Online from Saamaveda Music Academy.

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Free Demo Class: People seeking to attend the demo classes can register on WhatsApp +91 9866513521.

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