Learn The Best Cuddling Positions

Are you looking for the best cuddling positions? Cuddling is one of the best feelings a child can experience. It’s comforting and easy to do. Unfortunately, most parents only cuddle their baby with their elbow, shoulder, or head. This leaves little to no room for a loving relationship between parent and baby!

The Hugging, Kissing, and Even Tummy Crawling all fall into the Cuddly Cuddling Category. Of course, there’s no right or wrong way for a parent to cuddle with their baby, but by following these three best cuddling positions listed above, your baby will feel more secure and have more fun. Here are a few reasons why parents should be doing cuddle-time right:

Most parents don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to making babies feel secure and comfortable. This is one of the reasons why babies often become cranky and refuse to sleep when mom and dad are not close by. By using these best cuddling positions with a good dominant partner, you can make sure that your baby feels loved and cared for and can relax and fall asleep quickly.

Parents Love to see their Children Laugh and Grow. But in some families, the parents are the “people who live” while the kids are the “people” who do the real activities. In a study done by a team of developmental psychologists at the University of Miami, people who had parents who were the “people live” (i.e. actively involved in their children’s day-to-day lives) reported higher self-esteem than parents who had passive people live in their homes. People also said that having parents who were the active people in their lives made them feel more secure and less lonely.

If you are going to try any awesome four-legged friend ideas, make sure you do it with your partner. Try a couple of different positions without your partner first, to see which one you and your partner enjoy the most. There is no single best cuddling position; each one is special just on its merit. After you have spent some time together getting to know each other intimately, you will be able to select the best cuddling position for your needs.

One of the best ways to develop a deeper relationship with your man is cuddling. It releases your love hormone oxytocin, which makes you feel secure and emotionally connected. Physical contact is a good way to spend a romantic time together and provides you with plenty of chances for romance pillow talk. The best cuddling positions depend on your situation and emotional state, but here are 10 good choices for daytime or nighttime.

Legs Wrapped Around One Another

On the head of the bed or side of the couch, legs wrapped around one another, this is a classic position used. Your partner will be put in the middle of your chest with their back against your chest. You will be facing them with one leg on each side of your partner, with the other leg out in front of you and you can cover yourself with heavy blankets too, just to get the extra warmth. This creates an intimate, relaxing environment that will create an intimate connection. It also helps create lots of space between you, allowing the two of you to caress one another gently.

Facing One Another With Your Eyes Closed

Another excellent position to try is facing one another with your eyes closed. Your hands may be placed on one another’s shoulders or the other person’s face. Your tongues may dance in rhythm with one another as you communicate through love language. Your breaths deepen together and your heart rate slows. This is a wonderful way to connect with your partner and to practice the art of intimacy.

Lying Together With One Knee Bent

Another excellent position used in the program is lying together with one knee bent and your hands together. Your hips are comfortably joined. You have the best cuddling positions when your legs are crossed and either your knees are touching or there is little to nothing between your legs. In this position, you will be able to focus more on experiencing the comforting sensations that are associated with cuddling with a loved one.

Lying On Their Sides

There are also times when it might be best for a couple to practice the cuddling positions while lying on their sides. In the best cuddling positions, you can rest your buttocks on the other person’s hips. Your thighs are comfortably tucked under your partner’s knees. Your eyes may be closed and you may be gently massaging their back, neck, and forearms. Your lips may be pressed softly to their face and your nipples will be gently stimulated by the actions of your hands.

Big Spoon Position

One particular cuddle position that is part of the best cuddling positions is when one person sits on top of the other. This is known as the big spoon position. With your legs together and knees bent, you can rest your big spoon behind your partner’s back. Your buttocks should be facing each other and your hands may be wrapped around one another’s arms. This position helps to reduce the chances of your legs rolling away from your spine, which has a calming, stress-relieving effect.

Flat On Your Back

One other great cuddling position is lying flat on your back. You can choose to adopt the plow or the fetal position. Both these positions help you keep your spine straight. When you are in the plow position, you are facing up and your hands are placed flat on your partner’s shoulders. This position is often called the perfect position.


There are many other great cuddling position options available to you. Experiment with different lying-down positions and try those that give you the most relaxation. Remember, when you are lying down, your face should be pressed against your pillow. The last thing you want to do is drool! Once you have settled into a comfortable position, remember to try some gentle spooning.

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