Learning To Relax Through Sound

Healing Through Sound

Sound is one of the most powerful elements for therapeutic effects and as a guide in meditation. Studies have shown that specific sounds have the ability to lower the heart rate and blood pressure as well as supporting the parasympathetic nervous system. A variety of sounds enable us to focus away from negative thoughts and energy and allow us to move from the Beta State into the more relaxed state of being known as Alpha and eventually into Theta or Delta in which regeneration and rest can commence. It is within these deep states of emotional relaxation that the body is able to heal itself and allow for energetic blockages to be released.

Generally speaking, the body is not that fond of low-frequency sounds such as machinery and horns but will enjoy high frequency sounds such as classical music and instruments. These high-frequency vibrations are absorbed by our bodies and are quite beneficial.

If you have never enjoyed a song bath, now is the time to try one out. There are a wide variety of sound events throughout London that offer Tibetan bowls, harps, gongs, and Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. There is something so relaxing in lying down for an hour and letting pure sound wash over your being. These quality sprung designs are the perfect mattress to sink into and relax with sound. Here at Sound Universe, we have monthly Sound Bath events in addition to yoga and breathwork.

If you are interested in recharging your mind and being more focused, classical music is one of the best solutions. Studies have indicated that classical music helps individuals to study better and keep nerves under control while preparing for an exam.


Meditation is a proven method to help with stress concentration, sleep, and many other issues. Taking just five minutes out of the day to meditate can make a huge impact on your state of mind. It is possible for anyone to meditate once they find the right style.

If you are new to meditation it is best to try out the free app known as Insight Timer, which I have used for a number of years. It will allow you to set the amount of time for meditation from as little as five minutes to over a half an hour. In addition to guided meditation this simple app will help with sleep, stress, anxiety, and a host of other problems. It is a very useful app that will allow you to find more peace in your life. It is the perfect app for a beginner who is looking for a guide into rest and peacefulness.

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