Limitations On Holiday Decorations In An HOA: Good or Bad

Holiday decorations have always been a hot topic when it comes to HOA rules and regulations. HOAs have specific limitations about what you can and cannot do with your holiday decorations. Many often protest against these limitations. They believe they should be able to celebrate their festival on their property in whichever way they want. 

The board should not discriminate against particular religions; however, setting boundaries can avoid disputes between the residents. If your HOA board is having a hard time enforcing decoration rules, hiring Phoenix HOA management companies can shoulder the burden. 

Regulating HOA Holiday Decorations

The HOA board has only set holiday decoration rules to maintain the community’s quality of life. These rules help to avoid disputes, keep the curb appeal of the place and prevent nuisances. For example, if your decoration includes loud and annoying noise, it can cause fights and quarrels in the neighborhood. To avoid unpleasant situations, residents should abide by a few holiday decoration rules. 


Some people, maybe even you, may go crazy with their decorations. Now, we are not saying that it is a bad thing. However, if you like to decorate your house with a 10 feet tall skeleton on Halloween, you might not want to live in an HOA. To maintain the aesthetics of the community, the board puts restrictions on the size of the decorations.


If you like to put decorations that produce noise, you might want to recheck the rules with the board. Disputes caused by noise occur all year round. It is only natural for the board to put restrictions on it during holidays. Make sure that your decorative items are noiseless or produce low and pleasant sounds. Also, check with the board about the timings of using these kinds of decorations. For example, HOAs often restrict noise after 10 pm. 


Holidays are a happy time for most people. Using decent decorative items should go without saying so that nobody’s holiday spirit is ruined. However, some people can be offensive with their decorations and signs if there are no restrictions. For this, most HOAs ban disrespectful, inappropriate, and derogatory items. 


Consistency and uniformity are the two favorite things of an HOA. To preserve the curb appeal of the place, the board may not allow decorations of specific colors. For example, you may only be allowed to put red and yellow Christmas lights and be asked to avoid other colors. This is because certain colors may appear too bright, which may ruin the overall look of the place. 

How To Ensure That Homeowners Are Following The Rules

  1. Conduct surprise inspections.
  2. Remind residents by sending them notices before holidays. 
  3. Ask trusted homeowners to look out for their neighbor’s violations. 

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