Looking to Get Your House Painted, Safely? Here’s a Complete Guide

Getting your house painted during the pandemic can be tricky. Here are some pointers to help you get your home painting work sorted.

Excited about giving your home a makeover? A good paint job might be all you need to make your living spaces welcoming, warm and cosy. The best part is that you can enlist the services of experienced professionals, like Berger Paints Express Painting, for a completely stress-free experience of home painting work. But to ensure that you get the results you are looking for, it is useful to understand the fundamentals of a home painting project. So, here’s a guide to help you. Hire professional painters commercial painting sydney to make your home more gorgious.

Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

The surfaces to be painted need to be cleaned, repaired and checked for potential damage before you start painting. This is because any existing problem could either ruin the paint job or leave a problem building up under the surface. Some things to check for are:

  • Brown or black patches forming on the walls: This could be a sign of mould. This is a fungal infestation that can destroy the walls and cause health problems for your family.
  • Peeling paint: This could be a sign of seepage. Touch the wall to see if it feels damp or soft in some areas. Even if the walls are dry, it could be a sign of past seepage. Best to get it checked to avoid any recurrence.
  • Cracks or pitting: Again, these can be signs of underlying issues. Make sure to get them checked and repaired before painting. The walls should be smoothened to a level surface for best painting results.

Residential painting professionals use a moisture meter to measure the level of dampness in the walls to determine the level of waterproofing required to avoid future water damage. Their waterproofing solutions are backed by science and executed using high-performance products so that you are problem-free for a long time to come.

Make a Personal Statement with Paint

Choosing the colour scheme has been simplified with the availability of online tools, such as Shade Genius. You no longer need to visit a physical store, try our multiple samples on a surface, and wait to see if the dried shade is to your liking. Artificial intelligence can help you with all this. You can try colour combinations and textures for different areas of your home online, as well as home interior styles, such as modern, mid-century, minimalist, contemporary, and bohemian.

For instance, you could bring nature into your living room by choosing shades of green for your walls. You could also consider just one accent wall with a soothing colour like Olive Accent. It could work as a brilliant background for a luxurious room.

A skilled and experienced team of residential painters will collaborate closely with you to determine the colour scheme and type of paint that will suit your needs the best.

It’s All About Quality

Apart from colour, paints also differ in texture, sheen, viscosity, drying time, and other characteristics. A good paint will ideally require fewer coats, offer greater coverage and texture, last longer and offer richer colour. There are two types of pigments in each can of paint: lower grade pigments and prime pigments. The former is used to boost the product’s volume, while the latter adds colour to the paint. Higher-quality paints offer better colour retention because prime pigments are in a much higher percentage than lower quality ones. Paints stick to the surface thanks to high-quality binders, which provide a surface that is resistant to cracking, peeling, and blistering.

For instance, WeatherCoat Champ is reinforced with recron microfibers to give your walls superior strength. India’s first 2-in-1 emulsion guarantees performance with a five-year warranty. The paint’s boosted gloss lends a long-lasting lustre and a soft texture to the walls.

Setting the Stage

Before you start the actual wall painting process, you will need to make sure all your expensive furniture, interior décor and flooring are well covered. This will prevent paint splatters in unwanted places. In fact, clearing the space should be done before you start cleaning the walls, scraping off flaking paint and repairing any gaps or cracks.

If this sounds too tedious, simply get professionals like Berger Express Painting to do it all for you. These professionals will not just protect all your furniture before the job, they will also completely clean and disinfect your home after they are done.

Quotations for Projects

The cost is determined by its size, the present state of the paintwork, and any repairs needed before the painting work for your home can begin. If calculating the overall cost of the project is giving you a headache, get this done by the professionals too. For example, consultants from Berger paints painting service determine the amount of painting and finishing work needed to complete the project via an onsite consultation. They discuss your needs and preferences for paints and finishes before providing an accurate quote.

Experience A Hassle Free & Safe Home Painting Experience

Painting your house is one of the simplest ways to add colour to your home and increase its aesthetic appeal. But it can seem like a hassle when you have to take responsibility for all the before and after chores. Berger Express Painting takes care of all this for you, while ensuring you and your loved ones stay safe and protected during the pandemic. Each professional is provided with protective gear, and you can check their COVID status on a daily basis on the mobile app. So, when you’re ready to paint your home, choose a full-service painting team to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result.

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