Losing Weight: 7 Tips That Will Surprise You

How to lose weight for sure, and most importantly, how to keep the results for a longer time- these eternal questions worry thousands of people. Do not worry; we have brought the answer to these questions and made a list of some weight loss tips that will surprise you.

How To Lose Weight And Sustain It?

There are several life hacks, tips, and tricks to lose weight; however, these do not ensure a sustainable result. Due to this, a person starts to gain weight again if he/she breaks the rules for a few days.

However, the tips mentioned below will help not only in weight loss but also in maintaining it for a longer period.

1. Follow Any Diet Plan

Any diet plan will work for losing weight. Now the question arises, how? And the answer is through a deficit of incoming energy. The principle of energy balance assumes that if a person spends as much as he consumes, his shape does not change, at least not in terms of weight. It’s simple that if the diet works, then it has plunged the person into a deficit.

Of course, the most accurate tool is calorie counting, but diets that involve avoiding certain foods also work. Simply because, as a rule, the most energetically capacious and tasty positions are prohibited, such as sweet, fatty oils, and flour. You need to eat not less, but less high-calorie foods. A kilogram of broccoli is not equal to a kilogram of candy; it is great filling and has no calorie issues.

2. Be Careful of Alcoholic Beverages

Though a glass of red wine may assist in losing weight and staying fit, excessive consumption can lead to weight gain and even obesity. We are not recommending you to abandon your favorite wine completely, but just saying to follow the rule of moderation. But this rule does not apply to those who have addiction problems or those who are recovering from alcohol addiction.

They should definitely stay away from such drinks, especially if they have chosen an outpatient rehab program for recovery. As in such treatment, a person stays at home and not under supervision, so staying away from alcoholic drinks is the best he/she can do.

3. Eat All Types Of Foods

You can eat everything. You should not forbid yourself from certain types of food. There are no bad products (almost), but there is their uncontrolled consumption. There are no specific foods that increase the amount of fat. Even sugar, contrary to popular belief, is not evil but rather just a nutritious dummy. You can eat it, just in moderation.

There are no products that automatically burn fat: superfoods and foods with negative calories are just for pure marketing. You just need to be careful of foods that are high in calories and try to eat them in moderation. Such an approach will allow you to eat your favorite foods and at the same time help you to lose weight.

4. Get Rid Of Sedentary Lifestyle

In people who are active, appetite gets normalized, and it becomes much easier to control it. Sedentary rises disproportionately to appetite, and boredom quickly leads a person to the refrigerator. The habit of moving a lot helps not only to lose weight but also to maintain it successfully.

Any activity will do: contrary to the stereotype, it is not at all necessary to torment yourself by jogging on an empty stomach or die. These are great options if they’re fun. However, you can choose any active hobby – it can be dancing, swimming, skating or rollerblading, whatever, the main thing is to do it regularly and with pleasure.

5. Eat As Many Times A Day As Is Comfortable

There is no need to eat “small but frequent meals.” This, contrary to popular belief, does not affect metabolism, but it does affect the feeling of satiety. It is important for a person to feel full after eating and if for this you need to divide all the food planned for the day into two meals, why not?

Another method considered to be miraculous is intermittent fasting. In fact, all the miracles come down to the enlargement of portions, which leads to greater satiety and, accordingly, the prevention of overeating.

In general, we train ourselves to eat a certain type of food at a certain time. Therefore, you can cut the schedule as it is comfortable. But remember that intermittent fasting can work wonders for you if you are planning to lose weight.

6. Forget Magic Pills And Quick Fixes

There is no such powder or pills from doctors or a home remedy from a grandmother, which will work a miracle without additional effort. There are radical surgical measures, such as liposuction or stomach truncation, that help people lose weight just after surgery.

However, it affects the brain’s ability to process the signal of satiety. So this option might be an instant option to lose weight, but in the longer run, it is only going to harm your health.

7. Move Around More Often

The most useful and less burdensome thing is to get into the habit of walking whenever you need it. Walk not to the nearest stop or metro station, but to the next one; not for 5 minutes with a dog, but a full circle around the area; and not to the store on the first floor of the building, but to the one that is further away. You can also walk by talking on the phone or listen to an audiobook while walking in the park – it is a great option for warm summer evenings.

Summing Up

Everyone wants to lose weight and keep it off forever; however, many end up gaining the lost pounds again. Such a situation demotivates a person to the extent that some accept it as their fate. But do not worry, you can lose weight as well as sustain it by following the tips mentioned above. Happy weight loss!

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