Macrame is a type of textile which is made using knotting techniques. Once upon a time, sailors used it, and it was stitched in a specific way to cover sharp and glass objects like knives, bottles, and other parts of the ship. It was very popular back then, but slowly macrame’s popularity faded. Macrame gained public attention in the 1970s through clothing accessories, wall hangings, tablecloths, shawls, and bags. Macrame jewellery was also popular back then in America. Materials used in macrame are often cotton cords, linen, leather, yarn, or jute. Fabric and leather belts are also made using macrame techniques.

Most of the bracelets and the friendship bands that the school children exchange are also made using the same method. These days, a macrame bag is a fashion statement. Recently many vendors at theme parks, malls, fairs, and other social gatherings can be seen selling jewellery made of macrame. A faithful group of weavers carried on after the popular knotting came to light. The study of knot literature grew, and the exclusive art form was democratised from the birth of the internet. Many DIY and craft bloggers started posting tutorials on making macrame bags, wall hangings, drapers and table cloths, and their boho wall hangings are popular even now.

Macrame bags are now in trend. Many fashion bloggers, including Instagram influencers, are often seen showing off these bags and their versatilities. A macrame bag is patterned with lacelike webbing made of hand-knotted cord, yarn, or jute.

The macrame knotted pattern looks fabulous, especially when done on bags. These bags can be turned into clutch, purse, cross-bodied, and sling bags. These macrame bags can be available online. So don’t delay any further; grab them as soon as possible. These bags are eye-catching. They go very well with any outfit.

A lot of women usually use these bags. They can be cute macrame wallets for ladies’ night or a fancy dinner. They can turn into a college bag for college-going girls, lunch carries for 80s ladies and a fancy barbie bag for little girls. But a man can break the stereotype of ‘macrame bags are for women’ at any second because why not. They are wonderful and male models would love them. These bags glam up the wardrobe. Besides being a fashionable bag in the wardrobe, they can also be used for day-to-day chores, from carrying veggies from a supermarket to carrying water bottles for playgrounds.

Following are some of the advantages of macrame bags:

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: The first and the most important one is that they are eco-friendly. It reduces the usage of plastic bags worldwide. The amount of pollution caused by plastic bags in the environment is increasing drastically, causing more water and land pollution every day. Therefore macrame bags can be promoted as an alternative. People should be encouraged to prefer these bags irrespective of their gender.
  • AFFORDABLE: They are pretty and are available at a reasonable cost. If one is sceptical about the price, they can grab one bag and see how durable it is.
  • THOUGHTFUL: They can be gifted to anyone because they are so pretty.
  • DURATION: Better quality and long duration are assured because it is made of materials like jute, yarn, etc., which do not tear up easily.
  • WASHABLE: They are washable. There won’t be any loss of colour because they are made of natural coloured yarn or any other material.
  • ABILITY TO CARRY THINGS: They can carry a heavier load compared to any other bags. They do not give up easily and hold strong.
  • STORAGE: They are easily storable. They do not take much of the space in the wardrobe. One can hang them on the wall or place them somewhere in the corner in the wardrobe.
  • LABOUR: It is an obvious point, but they don’t consume power for production because they are entirely human-made.

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