Make Sure the Fence Height is Suitable For Your Pet

Pet lovers love their pets as their family members and stay concerned about them exactly like their family members. Their regular diet to accelerate their normal growth, their vaccination, and safe health and hygiene keep them busy throughout. As the creatures cannot share their feelings, pet lovers take extra care to look after them. But affection is not enough for the pets.

As a pet lover, you also need to provide the required safety and the chance to develop naturally. The electric dog fence is such a system that it offers you the opportunity to keep the dog safe and playful within your boundary.

Importance of height in electric fencing

Compared to traditional fencing, the electric fences are significantly different as well as more effective. You can be assured that; dogs cannot harm the electric fence or jump it over. With a properly systemized electric dog fence, you can be ensured that the dog cannot come near the boundaries as the correctness will alert them from the collar.

You have to be very specific about the height and length of the fencing. But as you can get both aboveground and underground electric fences, the height does not remain a static factor. When the wires stay under the ground, the height of the fence does not matter. What matters is the effectiveness of the fence to control the dogs within the boundary.

When installing the aboveground fence, the system requires the same transmitter, collar, and wire as the underground system; only the wire stays above the ground, unlike the other one. So, if thought properly, you can easily understand that the fence is virtual and does not look like a traditional fence. So, electric fence height for dogs does not matter, as the dog cannot jump over it ever.

On the other hand, electric fences can be wireless or wired. For a wireless system, the area needs to be smaller compared to the wired system. This is very obvious as, without wire, you cannot cover a great area with a transmitter situated aside from the location. For small houses and yards, a wired system can work. But if that happens, the system only consists of a transmitter and a collar. So, again height is not at all relevant.

If you have installed a wired system in your great garden area, you need good quality wire to put both aboveground and underground as per your suitability. But as the dog cannot get even closer to the electric fence, there is no possibility of jumping off it to get a pass. So, in this tech-savvy system, height is quite irrelevant, unlike the traditional fence.

Does the absence of height affect the effectiveness of electric fences?

What you want is the effectiveness of the dog fence to keep the dog within safe boundaries. Though the system is named a fence, the system is much electrical and works in a connection-based system. As the dog nears the boundary, around the area fixed in the setup, the transmitter gets the signal and transmits it to the collar bound at the dog’s neck to keep it under control. 

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