Maps of COD Mobile

“Call of Duty Mobile(COD Mobile)” is a free-to-play shooting game. “TiMi Studios” are the developers of the game. The Android and iOS versions of the game were published by “Activision”. The game was released on October 1, 2019. This is played in multiplayer game mode.

COD mobile has many classic game features that make it more fun to play. It has many modern weapons in its inventory. Guns from AK47 to Intervention, all are available. The game also has attractive maps to play it. Looking to start playing CoD on PC? You can find the best price for CoD MW cd key or CoD WWII cd key only at Gamecamp.

Maps of COD Mobile:

There are several maps available in the game. Maps for multiplayer and battle royale are different in the game. COD mobile has included seven maps from the historical P.C version of the game. We are here to discuss the maps briefly.


Crossfire returns from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, with its narrow corridors and widened streets. Snipers and light machine guns are more likely to take the lead here, tremendous lines of sight aid in long-range battles between buildings as the wings look to put a quick end to all sorts of gameplay.


This map originated from COD: Black Ops II. Due to its interesting dimensions and structure, it was selected to be included in COD mobile. With its dark streets and alleys offering an alternative approach to sniper-friendly buildings, you won’t want to be caught off guard in this small town on the border of Kyrgyzstan.


This map was introduced in COD 4 modern warfare. It is a relatively smaller map as compared with other maps available in the game. Players that use submachine guns will like this game. It is a bit congested map and buildings are available for hiding purposes. Buildings are almost interconnected and you can get cover by entering from one corridor and leaving from other.


It is the smallest map of COD mobile. It was introduced in COD 4 modern warfare. It demands strong reflex actions. In my opinion, this map is best for one-on-one battles or battle royale on large scale.

Firing Range:

Firing range has been introduced in COD mobile from COD Black Ops. This map is among the fan favorites. There are a lot of tight turns and close battles, but the open space of the shooting range requires accurate aiming at a decent range, so look for a shotgun unless you are extremely confident.


This map is especially for battle royales. This map was introduced in COD mobile for the first time. However, it somehow resembles the Blackout map. It has copied some locations from the previous versions of P.C-based COD. So, in simple words, Isolation is the blend of different classic maps of the game.

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