Medicare Supplement Plans – What to Look For to Compare Medicare Supplement Plans

With Medicare, you can choose from a variety of different Medicare Supplement Plans. These Plans cover many of the same services that the original Medicare program does but often cost less money. You can compare Medicare Supplement Plans side-by-side with the Medicare Supplement programs comparison chart below. It makes comparing Medicare Supplement Plans pretty simple. Just pick a plan and follow the comparisons to see what each one offers and the costs associated with them. It is that easy!

Each original Medicare plan allows you to choose from 12 different medications that you must take regularly. There are also specific medications that are excluded from the coverage of the Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare Part D. You must read the rules carefully to make sure that the medications that are listed for coverage in the Medicare Supplement Plans will be covered by the Medicare Plan.

In some cases, if a doctor has prescribed a medication that is not covered by the original Medicare plan, it is his responsibility to determine the medication coverage and make sure it is included in the Medicare Supplement Plan.

The Medicare Supplement Plans website contains a list of frequently asked questions that Medicare Part D plans, as well as original Medicare plans, have been answering questions all along. If you still have questions, there are contact numbers for both the Medicare Administration and the Medicare Supplement Plan Administration at your local Medicare office.

Some original Medicare plans cover only “essential” items and other supplemental plans allow the consumer to choose what they want in terms of what is included and what is not. For example, Medigap Plans would pay for the Medicare Part A drugs and in some instances, it would cover the Medicare Part B drugs.

However, the Medicare Supplement Plan G would only cover the same medications. Medicare Part D would cover any prescription drug that is used to treat an underlying condition only. The Medicare Supplement Plan would pay for any additional drugs that are listed in the original Medicare Parts.

Now on to the question that everybody asks: does the Medicare Supplement Plan offer any kind of benefit that would offset the increase in my premium due to becoming a senior citizen? There are two answers to this; first, the government will never increase the Medicare eligibility age, thus you won’t have to worry about the increase in your premiums.

Secondly, if you are over the age of 70 then the government has a good chance of decreasing your benefits by including higher deductibles into the program, thus the high-deductible plan g will kick in. As long as you have health insurance then the high-deductible plan g will not affect you.

What does Medicare Supplement Plan C cover? Medigap Plan C is the plan that is usually chosen by seniors who are not eligible for Medicare Parts A and B. It covers hospitalization costs only and does not cover any other physician visits, surgical procedures, or prescriptions. It also does not cover the cost of durable medical equipment.

So, as you can see Medicare Supplement Plan C and Plan F do not differ that much. What does Medicare Supplement Plan D cover? If you are enrolling in Medicare Part D then you are guaranteed coverage for essential benefits under the original Medicare program.

This would include prescription drugs, Medicare Advantage Plans, coverage for hearing aids, vision care, diabetes testing supplies, and some dental care. If you are already enrolled in Medicare but you are not eligible for Medicare Advantage Plans or Medicare Part D, there are other plans available that may be a better choice for you.

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