Men’s Essential Guide For Jeans Shopping

Finding the perfect pair of jeans sounds very easy. But most men have no idea which jeans will look good on them and make them one of the most handsome men then others. Some even believe that the perfect jeans are nonexistent. Men’s jeans come in all forms and shapes. You only need to find the right one that can complement your body. 

Before you give up in your quest of finding the best jeans, you need to ensure that you know the tricks for shopping for this clothing piece. Avoid your trial and enrol and keep these tips in mind to ensure that you will always look good in your jeans all the time. 

#1: Determine Your Rise 

Trends in jeans normally come and go. There are times when low-rise jeans are the hottest fashion craze when high-rise jeans took over the trend. But no matter what the current trend is, you must have an idea of what type of rise will look good on you. 

Mid-rise jeans complement most men. But if you have a more chiselled pack of abs, low-rise jeans will highlight your assets. But if you want to cover your midsection, you can invest in high-waist jeans.  

#2: Pick A Silhouette 

You can see a lot of options when it comes to jeans shopping. Men’s jeans, in particular, have limitless choices. Some of the most common ones include skinny jeans, which are tailor-made to snug the entire leg for a closer fit. This type looks great for tall, slender men. Another popular jeans cut for men is the tapered type, which is comfortable in the thigh area but more tapered towards the ankle. 

However, if you have thicker thighs, purchasing a pair of relaxed-fit jeans that are very comfortable all over your legs could be your best bet. It allows you to have added room around the waist, which is better if you have a larger tummy. If you are often confused about shopping for a pair of jeans that compliment you, you need to know your body type before heading out to the stores.  

#3: Consider The Length

Plenty of men believe that it is acceptable to wear jeans that are either an inch too long for their legs. But the truth is, it is not the case. Some men would choose to roll the hem of their jeans to get a cuffed look. But it should not be the case all the time because it may create stacks on the fabric in the long run. You can avoid this by looking for a pair of jeans that fall exactly on the top of your shoes with as little stacking as possible. If the jeans you purchased are too long, you may have them hemmed by your reliable tailor or the in-house alteration department of your favourite jeans brand.  

Bonus Tip: Find Your Ideal Wash Colour

Most men like their jeans simple and straightforward. If they want to invest in a good pair of jeans, they will look for something that could pair well with any types of top and footwear. 

For a classic, no-frills look, you may get a pair of jeans with a dark wash like indigo. This colour remains trendy all the time. But if you want to take a little risk, you may get a pair of jeans with a lighter wash. It will help you stand out in the crowd. 

Shopping for the best pair of jeans does not need to be complicated, even if you are not the type of man who loves shopping. You only need to look for classic cuts that will complement your style and your body type for any location. 

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