Methods to Prevent Headaches Before They Begin

From migraines to jetlag from hangovers and migraines to sinus discomfort, summer can cause serious headaches. Sunlight, as well as dehydration, can be powerful causes of headaches. Allergies that are seasonal can cause inflammation of the sinuses that can lead to pressure and pain on the front. Summer fun, too, can result in a pounding headache. To avoid discomfort, prevention is key. These methods can prevent headaches, or at the very least limit them to an absolute minimum.

Hydrate a lot

Dehydration can cause any person headaches. However, it can be particularly challenging for those with migraines, which can be many people. Migraines are the most severe neurological disorder for those under the age of 50. Women are more susceptible than males to suffering from migraines as well as severe headaches. The condition is characterized by episodes of moderate to severe headaches (sometimes within one of the eyes) and the sensitivity to sound, light and smells, and nausea or vomiting. Drinking plenty of water is an absolute must. 

Drink less alcohol

Summer is the ideal moment to enjoy a rum drink in the late evening at the beach, bar, clubs or at casinos. However, you’re putting yourself at risk for headaches that go beyond the headaches you’d normally get from a hangover. Ensure that you have, at minimum, an ounce of water per glass of beer or wine to avoid the possibility of waking up with a headache. Alcohol can disrupt sleep, lead to snoring, and can cause dehydration. All of these can cause headaches.

Eat every two hours

Avoiding meals is not ideal. It could lead to low blood sugar, which could trigger migraines. If you are experiencing headaches when you rush out the door with no breakfast or have an early lunch, consider changing to smaller, more frequent meals. A good mini-meal is one that contains proteins, complex carbs as well as healthy fats. For example, peanut butter spread on whole bread and apple or pear slices, almond butter or savory Greek yogurt drizzled in olive oil, served alongside cucumber slices.

Sleep better

With sweaty, hot nights that lead to nocturnal turning and tossing, it is easy to prepare yourself for a morning massive headache. Headaches can be eight times more frequent for people suffering from sleep disorders. You should consider a room with A/C or at a minimum, a fan to circulate the air. 

Be aware of your own sensitivities

There are many migraine sufferers who have similar triggers. You might be fine drinking glasses of red wine, for example. However, a sip of it could cause your friend to be in pain. There are certain beverages, foods, and lifestyles that are known to cause migraines in people of all. These include wine, coffee, beer, sunlight, processed meats, hot dogs, dark chocolate, and artificial sweeteners. As a myriad of factors could be in play, it’s sometimes difficult to identify the Kryptonite that you are battling. Experts suggest keeping a headache journal, either on paper or by using the notes app that you have on your phone to determine if you notice patterns. If you notice the same pattern (bad sleep and caffeine = headache), you are aware of what you can do to get relief. 

Be aware of allergy headaches

If you suffer from headaches that occur during the winter months, then your reason could be due to allergies that aren’t controlled. Our sinuses are supposed to be hollow cavities, but when allergies flare, mucous oozes into them, causing pain that manifests as headaches. It is interesting to note that old-fashioned allergy medication like Benadryl, as well as the latest nasal decongestant sprays, such as Azelastine, can trigger headaches.

Beware of triggers

If you have grass allergies, do not sit in the park while they’re mowing the lawn. Close your windows and switch on the air cooling. Make use of an OTC nasal spray containing steroids such as Flonase regularly during allergy season. Are you feeling tired and stuffed? Try allergy shots. They will help you get rid of your allergies by making your immune system not recognize allergens as foreign.

Do some exercise

If you’re avoiding workouts to prevent headaches, you might want to reconsider your approach. Studies show that regular aerobic exercise can reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches. Regular aerobic exercise of at least 40 minutes three times a week seems to be beneficial in the prevention of migraine headaches. A long run can help clear your head in multiple ways. 

Release stress

Stress reduction is beneficial for everything, and well it also applies to headache prevention. Biofeedback and mindfulness tools such as cognitive behavioral therapy and relaxation techniques not just help people reduce stress, but also decrease the severity, frequency as well as duration. While you’re in a relaxed mode, ensure that you’re making sleep a priority. Achieving seven hours of good sleep every night is a simple, natural method of keeping headaches painful from happening.

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