Mistakes people make when cleaning their carpets themselves

Carpets are an appealing way to add warmth and a touch of lavishness to a house. Unluckily, stains on the carpet, discoloration, foul smell and burn marks can damage the impact a carpet has. And, to make situations worse, owners try to fix the issue on their own, leading their carpets to a worse condition.

While you may only see an option of getting your old carpets replaced with a new one, a professional carpet cleaning company can help you save your carpet and money. With decades of experience, the professionals at Canada Clean Home have put together a list of common mistakes which people make when trying to clean their carpets themselves and how to rectify it.

Using the wrong products for removal of stains

People often try to get rid of a carpet stain either with a bleach or a product with full concentration which is as awful as bleach. But, what will happen if the bleach you have used to remove the stain, removes the color from the carpet? Well, if this happens, you cannot fix it on your own. You will have to get in touch with a professional to get your carpets re-dyed. Get deep cleaning services from commecial cleaners at a reasonable price.

Rather than using bleach or any product in full concentrate, you should always dilute high-quality stain removal soap for it. Dab it on the stain and rub it using a soft brush, then apply a wet cloth to remove the stain and soap and clean it in the end with a dry cloth.

Using too much soap and not rinsing it off properly

When people try to clean their carpets on their own, they leave a lot of soap on the carpet, which attracts dirt and looks dreadful after a month. While doing home cleaning, make sure you don’t use too much soap and if you do, then make sure you rinse it off properly.

Make an attempt to fix burn and tear the carpet

People often try to fix burns and tear the carpets themselves by using several methods, however, in the end, they are left with a hard mess around the area. The cost of a professional like Canada Clean Home is about the same as the price of the supplies, you’ll need to repair the carpet. The experience these professionals have ensures that no mess is created.

However, if you want to address the burn or tear on your own, then you will require a glue gun, olfa knife along with needle nose pliers. Cut the burn and use it as a stencil for a new piece, not apply the glue on the carpet edge and stick the new part. Don’t try to push any glue from the up. And voila, you have successfully completed the repair.

Using the wrong odor removal products

If you own a pet, then your carpets can smell awful. Using baking soda and vinegar aren’t the best solution to your problem. If your animal has urinated or pooped, then put a dry paper towel or rag on it and remove as much as possible from the carpet. Now use a machine to extract and rinse the area. If the odor persists, use the deodorizers to break it down.

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