Most Impressive Small Office Building Design of 2021

Whether it is a mansion, a major multinational office, or a small office building design, every structure needs to construct well.It’s enough to keep things running for a while, even though strength is important.This does not imply that the structure’s appearance must be compromised.Building a sensible framework that determines its intent requires the imagination of an Experienced Interior Design And Commercial Fitout Specialist. The final outcome defines the architectural layout of a small office building plans and designs.

As a result, we’ve gathered for some inspiring modern small office building design ideas to give you a glimpse of corporate architecture.

Architecture & Design Studio

The KSM architecture firm needed a new office, so the firm’s designers and engineers worked to come up with this concept. For themselves, they built Architecture & Design Studio. Before they began construction, the main goal was to create a building that was both environmentally friendly and sensitive to Chennai’s climate. This structure was built on the foundations of a 35-year-old temple. The visual appeal of this five-story studio is incredible.

Location : Chennai

Architect : KSM Architecture

Port House Antwerp

The Antwerp Port Authority is located in Port House Antwerp, a government building. This structure is situated above a fire station, with water all round the site.

Let’s talk about the building’s design: it has a spectacular glass facade that reflects light. It’s about 100 metres long, and it looks like the hull of a sailing ship. A bridge was built, and it also offers a stunning 360-degree view. Concrete pillars and 900 tonnes of steel support the entire glass frame, giving it strong strength and power.

Location: Belgium

Architect: Zaha hadid

Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear is a clothing company headquartered in Spain with its headquarters in spain. The interior and exterior are both beautifully planned. This building is an open palafitte with four courtyards, open stairwells, and glazed elevators.

Location: Spain

Sonnesgade 11

The architecture of the Sonnesgade 11 building is strange but unique. The building’s exterior facade has a cracked pattern that resembles an ice cube. It is more than just a workspace because of the broken concrete and semi-transparent glass on one side.

Location: Denmark

Headquarters of Wrzesińskie of News

Wrzesinskie of News is a Polish media organisation. When designing this structure, the architects had the company’s position in mind. It has a coated exterior that looks like newspaper columns. To provide open space, the interior of the building was kept lofty. For more stunning architecture and office building design ideas explore  Live Enhanced

Another surprising fact is that the building was constructed on a low-budget basis. It is well-known for its stunning architecture and simplicity. The ground floor of this public building is open, with a welcoming entrance area.

Location: Poland

Architect: Marcin Kościuch, Tomasz Osięgłowski

GLF Headquarters

GLF Construction Corporation had wisely selected its headquarters area. This stunning structure is situated on the banks of the Miami River. This four storey structure has all of the elegant features that no other modern structure has. The exterior features stunning pristine glass windows and steel accents, which adds a feather to the hat. Many of the building materials have been carefully chosen to provide a strong foundation for the structure.

Location: Miami, United States of America

Architect: Oppenheim Architecture


Co Op Kyosai Plaza

The Co Op Kyosai Plaza building has a special design concept that distinguishes it from others. The pattern is known as ‘Rain chains.’ These rain-drips, which are made of metal and foliage-covering, cover the whole building from front to back.

In 2011, a devastating earthquake struck, destroying several office buildings. People who were trapped in the office were unable to open windows and died as a result.

Location : Tokyo

Pollen Street Office

The Pollen Street Office was built as the last stage of the shopping, beverage, and food journey. This two-storey structure is constructed in such a way that it appears to float above the ground. It’s elevated on one side and slightly lowered at the end of the pollen lane. To make use of the remaining space, a parking lot is built. Architects cleverly incorporated the two streets into the layout.

Location: New Zealand

Architect: RTA studio

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