Muhammad Rasool – top scorer of Pakistani championship in 2014/2015

The struggle for the title of the best sniper has always been considered one of the jewels of the championship of Pakistan. It was every soccer player’s dream to win an individual award. Now 1xBet new online betting sites Pakistan offers not just to follow this championship, but also regularly earn on each meeting.

So, if we talk about the scorer’s race, it was confidently won by Muhammad Rasool in the 2014/2015 season. In that campaign, the “K-Electric” forward managed to score 22 goals against opponents. It’s remarkable that for Rasool, that individual award was the second of his career. And for the first time when he received it, he also scored 22 goals.

Now new online betting sites for prediction lovers – 1xBet Pakistan offers its customers to make their predictions about the winner of the scorer’s race. As for Rasool’s achievement, in the 2014/2015 season, it was his goals that were one of the factors that helped “K-Electric” win the championship title.

The forward was good and productive during the whole distance. He regularly hit the goals of almost all opponents, regardless of their class. By the way, it is easy to follow the team’s successes in a reliable office. And in the section you will find a lot of gambling entertainment.

In general, Rasool had a good and busy season. The forward managed to avoid injuries. In addition, he was able to build a good rapport with his partners. All of this has had a positive impact on his productivity. The result is a well-deserved individual award, which was the second in his career.

Now you can still follow “K-Electric” matches on 1xBet. Yes, Rasool doesn’t play in the team anymore, but the lineup is quite famous even without him.

What helped the forward surpass the competitors?

That season, K-Electric’s entire offensive game was built around Rasool. His teammates created regular scoring chances for him. Therefore, he couldn’t complain about the lack of scoring chances. By the way, the website 1xBet live streaming all “K-Electric” matches now. Do not miss the opportunity, follow the confrontation of this team.

Returning to the figure of Rasool, it is important to note his playing qualities, such as:

  • assertiveness;
  • unyielding;
  • focus on goal;
  • a well-aimed shot;
  • the ability to cover the ball with the body and drag it.

He demonstrated all these strengths repeatedly on the field during the 2014/2015 campaign. Unfortunately, the pause in the championship for him actually meant the sunset of his professional career.

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