Nano Learning: What it is and how it may impact the future of Education

“My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.” These words by the famous English writer Lewis Carroll remain ever so relevant in today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving world. With ceaseless innovations being brought about in every field each day, gone are the days when people could stop learning and upskilling once they got a job. Today, even professionals need to focus on constantly enhancing their resumes and honing their skills to remain employable, let alone students. Naturally, a compact training program that offers most to-the-point knowledge in the least amount of time is the answer. In the recent past, the tech industry has come up with many novel education techniques. For instance, ever since the Covid-19 pandemic caused educational institutions across the nation to shut down, locking millions of students and teachers out of the classroom, various online teaching sites and platforms proved immensely useful in helping schools and colleges to function seamlessly by adopting online teaching. Some great edtech companies launched online teaching sites and apps which further simplify the teaching process through features like online teaching through mobile, digital whiteboards, automated attendance etc.

One such innovation which could prove of immense value in the future is Nanolearning. As the prefix nano suggests, a nano learning program is basically a training program or a course designed to allow a student to learn about any given topic or subject in five-to-ten minutes time frame by employing the use of various electronic media and without the guidance of a real-time teacher. The duration of a typical nano learning program can be anything from less than a week to even a month and a five-to-ten minutes module will include electronic media like Pictures and GIFs, Basic and Crisp concepts, Practice exercise, Student Response, and Feedback. Brief and engaging content presents students with the information they require in a manner that instills curiosity and holds their attention. But can anything of substance be taught by a few sentences, minutes, or sometimes a second? The answer is Yes, Absolutely.

Nano learning can be advantageous to us in several ways. Firstly, Generation Z is already hooked on social media platforms which provide them instant information in an entertaining way in form of different media like audio, video, text, animation, and likewise. These all are the basic components of a nano learning program which undoubtedly will resonate closely with students of this generation. Also, the course content of such programs is up-to-date and specific programs can be designed and administered in very less time which makes nanolearning programs a top pick for candidates looking for a dependable, up-to-date and relevant education and training program. For the coming generation, which growing up, is being surrounded by smartphones and other gadgets, learning methodologies will be totally unrecognizable from traditional learning methods followed by generations prior to them. Nanolearning programs could play a prominent role in imparting education to future generations.

Earlier, we discussed the continuous need for upskilling in today’s uncertain and rapidly evolving business world, where owing to ever-evolving needs of organizations, new opportunities and jobs are continuously created while older jobs may cease to exist just as quickly as they were generated. Now, an employee needs time to stay updated and upskill himself to find better career avenues, but if he puts too much focus on such undertaking, he might end up putting his job and by extension his career in jeopardy. A classic Catch-22 situation. But, imagine if you could manage both learning and work without breaking a sweat. This is exactly where nanolearning programs may prove invaluable for you. Instead of having to comb through monotonous and extensive content that will take up a lot of your time and energy, nanolearning programs provide well-structured training capsules in form of bits and pieces of information which is presented in an interesting and engaging way.

Therefore, it is evident that though, nano learning programs are not always a substitute for regular, extensive study and training programs, they are uniquely useful in several ways especially in this era of rapid change. There are many nano learning training programs available today and new ones are being developed every day around the globe.

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