NBA 2K21 MyTeam MT Making Method – The Fastest Way To Make 1 Million MT In NBA 2K21 MyTeam

Do you want to know the fastest way you can make 1 million MT? this can be done even if you only have a little bit of MT. the first thing to think about is how much MT you have right now. if you’re over 100k, you’re one step ahead of the game. if you’re not, it’s okay, we’ll teach you exactly what to do.

#1 Use A budget filter 

Use one budget filter until you get to 100k NBA 2K MT. you can use various ones, but there’s not much need for that, you can use one. in the example of team grizzlies, go to your max buyout to 1600, because the cheapest grizzly player is going for 1900. buy anything that pops up then look up the players’ price. send them to the auctions, look up their prices individually.

If you have any amount of MT, what you want to do is use the filter until you have no more MT. once you run out of MT, you go to your auctions, you start looking at all the players’ prices, you post them all. once they all sell, you repeat the process. say if you have 5000 MT, keep sniping players until you run out of MT, then once you run out of MT, post the players, wait for all of them to sell. you’ll notice that you’ll have profit afterward. you’ll what you started with, you’ll have more after all the players sell. if you posted them for the right prices, if you don’t post them for the right prices, then they’re not going to sell. don’t think about why your players not selling, if it’s not the cheapest one, it’s probably not going to sell. or it’ll take a lot longer to sell. always post it for the cheapest, it can get sold immediately. 100% guarantee that it’s going to sell.

#2 Use An Expensive Filter

After using this budget filter or using any one of the other budget filters, after you have 100k. then how is the fastest way you can get to one mil? you don’t need to use budget filters anymore, because there’s no purpose for them, the only reason to use a budget filter is to earn enough MT to use an expensive filter. the only filter you should be using you you have 100k MT is dark matter. Snipe dark matters are the secret that allows you to become rich in MT. you might be wondering why do you put the minimum buyout to 500? the reason is that if a snipe pops up, it’s only going to be able to pop up from 500 to 100k NBA 2K21 MT. this means every single card that’s in a game can only be posted within a range of 500 MT to 100 000 MT.

The next question becomes how long does it take to get a dark matter snipe? they’re completely random. when it comes to sniping, it’s completely random. with budget filters, they’re consistent, but with these bigger filters, it’s random. you can spend like five hours on the filter and not see anything. but don’t let that discourage you. if you’re spending five hours on a filter, the reason you’re making MT fast is because of the prices of these players. Bosh is one of the cheaper dark matters, he’s getting at 200k. if you get any of the dark matter players, even though there’s no guaranteed time there’s no average time a dark matter pops up, but you’re making hundreds of thousands of MT of one snipe.

Although sometimes snipes pop up for some people, they don’t pop up for other people, it might have something to do with the timing of your refresh. but it’s it happens, don’t get discouraged, accept it as a fact for what it is, but have the mindset that you’re going to get a snipe if you stay patient, consistent, committed, you’re going to get it. you’re going to get cheap NBA 2K21 MT, you don’t have to spend a lot money on this.

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