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Assuming you’re perusing this article, you’re likely not gathering your revenue targets; or meeting your targets but need to discover approaches to blow past them. Whatever the case, this article can help. We know how huge of a deal sale are to retailers, so we’ve ordered a few pointers to help you and your partners meet and beat your targets.

Apni Dukan App

Dukan’s business catalogue creator assists you with launch your online store in just 30 seconds. You can make lovely product catalogues on your smartphone and offer them to your customers without any problem. Apni Dukan App permits you to share your digital catalogues on various social-based media applications, such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, etc.

Five Basic Steps to Begin Utilising Apni Dukan App to Develop Your Business

  1. Enter your Business Address, Name and begin adding your inventories.
  2. When you top off those details, your account will be created instantly.
  3. Offer product link to anybody on WhatsApp.
  4. Get a notification when you get any new request.
  5. Convey the request to your customer’s location.

What are the Features of Apni Dukan App?

The features of Dukan App are:

  1. Manage Products and Catalogues
  2. Process Orders
  3. Review Store Performance
  4. Sell on More Sales Channels
  5. Marketing Tools on Dukan App

Who Apni Dukan App is for?

Apni Dukan App is for any individual who needs to sell any sort of services or products online. Apni Dukan App can be a too valuable item for the accompanying industry:

  1. Event Decor
  2. Interior Designers and Home Decor
  3. Private Tutors
  4. Homemade or Handicrafts Items
  5. Stationery and Book Stores
  6. Medical and Pharmacy Store
  7. Travel Agents
  8. Real Estate Brokers
  9. Automobile or Second-Hand Cars
  10. Shoe Stores
  11. Electronics, Mobile and Computer Stores
  12. Restaurants
  13. Grocery Stores
  14. Vegetable and Fruits Stores
  15. Furniture, Jewellery, or Clothes Stores

Regardless of whether you are a small store owner or retailer, or wholesaler, you can run your entire online business on Apni Dukan App.


PagarBook is a free employee administration, payroll and works management application. You can deal with all your employee’s and staff attendance and record the work done by your employees and staff and their compensation. Advances and payments can likewise be recorded in this application.

Use PagarBook Offline free of charge as an attendance management app or work management system. PagarBook attendance manager permits entrepreneurs or directors to follow the worker’s punch-out time and punch-in time.

Who PagarBook Offline is for?

  1. Manufacturing Industry
  2. Beauty Parlours
  3. Supermarkets
  4. Medical Stores
  5. Hospitality & Restaurants

Deal with all Financial Transactions and Cash Flow in One Application 

  1. PagarBook makes accounting and bookkeeping simple.
  2. Can see and download cash books or cash flow reports of the association anytime.
  3. Easiest bookkeeping application for business to oversees bookkeeping and billings.
  4. No requirement for old pagar khata, khata book or bahi khata to oversee accounts and cash flow.

Easiest Employee’s Payroll and Salary Management Application

  1. Ascertain employee’s extra time and compensation.
  2. Most effortless payroll manager for android.
  3. Auto deducts the leave and settlement ahead of time.
  4. Send pay of all workers immediately in only one 1-click.
  5. Compute and 1-click payroll interaction with employees.
  6. Compute payout for pay per task employees.

Easiest Employee Management PagarBook Offline App

  1. Manage staff attendance.
  2. Track absolute working hours.
  3. Oversee Field Sales specialists or far off group by GPS tracking, selfie attendance and biometric attendance.
  4. Auto track punch-out and punch-in timing.
  5. An employee would self be able to stamp their attendance.


Need to meet your revenue targets? Start by fixing the targets. There aren’t any immovable principles for doing this, as each organisation is different.

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