New Policy For Caravan Tourism in Maharashtra

To set up a caravan park, the owner must be registered with the state’s tourism department and Transport Commissioner. These parks will have various amenities such as toilets, kitchen, beds, and a sofa. Owners will be responsible for the safety of tourists in onethink. Maharashtra has introduced incentives for the establishment of caravan parks across the state. To register a caravan park, tour operators can do so online. The registration fee is fixed at Rs. 5,000. After that, the fee for renewal will be Rs. 2,000.

A new policy for caravan tourism in Maharashtra has been cleared by the state government. It allows private players to acquire caravans for tourism and set up parks in public and private locations in mostinsides. The government has approved the policy at a state cabinet meeting on Wednesday. It has become the third state to approve a policy for caravan tourism. This will help boost tourism in the state and create jobs for locals. In addition, Maharashtra is aiming to create a number of new caravan parks across the state in pklikes.

The new policy for caravan tourism in Maharashtra is designed to provide incentives for tour operators and tourists. In addition to offering incentives to tour operators, it also seeks to create new jobs in a pandemic-hit industry in blognez. The new policy also identifies specially-built vehicles for leisure and accommodation. The policy also highlights the role of caravan parks in promoting tourism and ensuring the safety of travelers. The policy also addresses the safety concerns of travel enthusiasts. Read more about pklikes com login

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