Newlywed Diaries: Why Buying Home Decors That Are Wholesale Is Better for Your First Home

Decorating and choosing the right theme for you and your significant other’s first-ever home can be both exciting and nerve-racking. First, home decoration materials can be expensive. Second, men often think that home decoration and interior are just a waste of time and money. They would think uniform kitchenware and colour-coordinated pillows are nonsense. Third, it’s hard to think of a good theme that you would both agree on. But worry less because homeware wholesalers are here to both address your financial and home interior dilemmas! 

What is the difference between wholesale products to retail?

Their differences are already a piece of common knowledge to many people. Wholesale are companies or people who sell products in bulk. That’s why most of their customers are retailers, which sell products at a higher price than wholesalers because they need to add a markup to their price. Wholesalers don’t just give bulk orders; they also cater to smaller quantities. And usually, a reason why they sell their products cheap is that they are the manufacturer and producer. Antiques furniture is made up of well-crafted pieces that are special and unique. The furniture adds a touch of vintage charm to homes and offices alike

And why buying stuff wholesale is much ideal?

Buying the first home means you most likely get a bare space. Fully or semi-furnished houses and apartments are very rare nowadays. And if there are any for sure, it will be expensive. Newlyweds usually start their lives on a budget because there are still more things in the future for you guys to save up for. But to establish a home for both of you and your future kids, you must make it look like home. So, these are the benefits of buying from homeware wholesalers for the newly established couple who are trying to decorate their new home but on a tight budget:

  1. Cheaper price: This is the main benefit of buying wholesale. You could get the same quality with the retailed products but cheaper because you wouldn’t need to pay them a huge markup. Besides paying cheap, you can even negotiate and bargain for even a lower price if you can give them a good deal. 
  2. There are various websites you can check: Wholesaling goes online! Due to mobility limitations and travelling during the pandemic, the business should continue despite it all. And wholesale products are readily available with just a few taps at your fingertips. You can browse their catalogues and even ask the suppliers for customization if you want.
  3. More choices and variety: What is out there in the retail stores are also found in wholesale stores and sold at a cheaper price! Stocks in retail stores can be limited depending on how many they have bought from their suppliers. At the same time, stocks are not a problem for wholesalers because most of the time, they are the manufacturers. If ever the product you want is out of stock, they can certainly answer you when it will be restocked.
  4. You don’t buy things frequently: As the saying goes, “save up for the rainy days”. You don’t need to buy home stuff and needs too often. It saves you money and time.
  5. Convenience: The amount of real estate can be expensive in cities. That’s why newlyweds often buy or rent places that are quite far away from the city to save up. That means supermarkets and malls are a bit far away. 

The hardest step to take is the first one, so take this wholesale opportunity to shop and transform your new humble abode! 

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