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When it comes to lighting a large or a small space, there is something to be said about LED panels and their utility. They are a child of new and improved technologies, and the old luminescent-style laps which we all loath from older times when there were not as many choices for large spaces – well, there are those now.

Where do LED panels belong

One of the places where you would undoubtedly see LED panels nowadays is taking the place of old luminescent light fixtures. This is because LED lights are far better at lighting, draw much less power, they are safer and easier to install and a slew of whole other reasons – mostly hinging on their utility and ease of maintenance.

There are, however, circumstances under which one could see them used at home, in a garage or a home workshop. They are dimmable and can be controlled with a smart remote as long as the remote can provide the control to those zones.

Aside from their utility, these types of lights don’t flicker and don’t make so much noise as the old luminescent ones, which is far better for hospitals, offices and other opens spaces. Their ease of maintenance and bright illumination means that they are less likely to require maintenance which means that they can be installed in high ceilings.

There are generally 2 types of LED panel lamps, ones which are recessed and those which have outer shells and can be installed directly on the ceiling. The second type is the most convenient to install, however, dust ingress may reduce the visibility over time, whereas built-in panels will catch less dust and look far better in the long run.

How can they be used at home

There are locations in a home where these types of lights will go great, especially if you choose ingress proof ones. One location which is easy to come to mind is a long narrow hallway which has a lower ceiling – the small profile of both inseam and out panels provide quite enough of space while also giving out more than enough light.

These variations can also be used in other locations, from bedrooms to kitchens, bathrooms and even in the garage or home shop. Due to their low profile, they are quite handy in situations where there is limited space and the user would much rather conserve it than use it on lighting.

Can they be installed in recessed ceilings

Yes, these types of lights are very easy to install in recessed ceilings and are the perfect addition to any office or home with the right type of ceiling. Plasterboard ceilings are the easiest to work with and require the least amount of work to install, even a person with little to no experience can do it.

There is, however, the need for cabling and proper light insulation – these, however, provide emergency lighting and can light up quite a substantial amount of space with only one unit. These spaces can be common, personal or even outside spaces, as long as the lights are protected from rain and snow they are safe to use.

If you are curious and want to learn more about these lights, we suggest you visit and check for yourself.

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