Online 11 Plus Courses and Papers: The Real Gateway to Grammar Schools

Grammars schools are often populated with the brightest and most talented pupils in the United Kingdom. Their prestige and reputation is no mystery. In fact, many parents dream of sending their children to a reputable grammar school.

Despite the existence of another schooling system called Comprehensive Education, grammar schools remain at the top of most parent’s priority list. This is because grammar schools prepare pupils in the academic environment at a young age. They foster academic performance and a child is more likely to get a university degree if they attended a grammar school.

To get into a grammar school, a pupil must take the eleven plus exams. Succeeding in this exam is a tough ordeal, so pupils and their parents invest time and money in preparation.

But if you want to find out the real gateway to grammar schools, the answer is in the online terrain.

For the 11 plus preparation, the best course of action is to study online. Here are some more benefits of taking online 11 plus courses and papers to pupils and their parents:


Wouldn’t it be great to access eleven plus papers when you need it? Or to have a virtual tutor that can help you develop your activities in the comforts of your home? At a time of extreme anguish and uncertainty brought by the pandemic, many people have shifted into the online space. And 11 plus exam preparations are no different.

In addition, online 11 plus courses are more convenient for extremely busy parents. They’re also great for parents in remote work but want to balance their time with preparing their child.

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Getting into UK best grammar schools is difficult. A pupil must demonstrate intelligence and adaptability to various learning styles. If a child studies on an online platform, they’re hardwiring their brains to become more flexible to various teaching approaches.

Moreover, online courses are flexible in terms of accessibility. You can get online lessons through your laptop, tablet, and even your phone. You’ll have control over your schedule when you opt for online-based preparation.


Preparing for the grammar school exam requires a lot of time. But the truth is, not everyone has the luxury of time anymore. People are busy taking care of their families while tending to their duties at work. Still. Preparing a child for the 11 plus exam is vital. While preparing your kid, it’s best to have the time in your hands.

Online courses allow you to prepare for the 11 plus exam without the pressure of time. This is because you often have the choice for asynchronous learning. In addition, you can also book an online tutor at a specific schedule. Time management is essential for both the parent and child who want to ace the 11 plus exam.

If you’re still curious about online 11 plus courses and papers, you can check out various websites like KidSmart to help you get started.

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