Outfit Ideas and Trends to Take from 2021 to 2022

Fashion trends and styles are constantly changing. While in the year 2021, we saw people masking up with face masks in a myriad of colors, prints, and fabrics, becoming a style statement and paired with every other ensemble; 2022 has a lot in store too.

With that being said, we’ve got for you top fashion trends & outfit ideas for 2022 sorted for you!

Bold and Beautiful Colors

2022 is sure to be a psychedelic world of a plethora of colors with some seriously bold moments. The designs and prints ideas, too, will be endless this festive season. This means from festive wear kurta sets to casuals, from staple accessories like handbags to belts, 2022 is all set for a pop of vibrant color.

Earthy Shades

In 2022 and even the upcoming years, another color scheme that will be super big is the earthy tones. These earthy shades have become popular as a direct response to the global pandemic and the need to retreat into the home, focusing on all those colors that everyone finds soothing and homely.

So, without any further delay, stalk up your festival wardrobe with earth tones galore! You can explore and go for the shades of green, soft greys, slate, and other colors of the earth.


Of course, boots, especially knee-length boots, make our list! So get ready to invest in a new pair. Boots can instantly elevate the look of any outfit, make the entire attire look seriously edgy and just straight-up cool, especially if you wear them with an oversized tee.

If you wish to channelize the fashionista in you in the right way, then a stylish pair of boots will soon be your all-time favorite. Team up this footwear with denim, dresses, miniskirts, or a pair of shorts to instantly glam up your look and elevate a regular outfit.

If you love experimenting, then you can go for anything and just everything right, from animal prints to vibrant colors paired with your monochromatic outfits.

Also, if you want to stand out from the crowd, then don’t forget to try out embellished boots with Swarovski crystals. Accessorize accordingly for a sophisticated and minimal look and let the outfit do the talking.

Pastel Colors

Are you aware that the color trend for 2022 is blue. It is said that blue is trustworthy and meant for safety. Considering this reason, invest in apparel with pastel colors in your wardrobe. For instance, the navy blue kurta for ladies will make an amazing choice for the 2022 festival season.

You may opt for baby blue or soft lilac; stay assured that in 2022 pastel colors are in and bigger than ever. Not just blue, you can look for other pastel-colored options to add to your festival fashion vibe. Also, people are going through the third wave of pandemic, and amidst this crisis, psychology also claims that pastel colors like blue help you feel gentle and soothing.

Oversized Tee

Be it any year; nothing can replace a good old, oversized tee. Whether it is a plain tee or just something with a cute design on it, the craze for an oversized tee is just irreplaceable. They are always in fashion, majorly because they’re super versatile and easy to style!

Also, these T-shirts are comfortable, breathable, casual, and equally cute. All in all, these oversized tees are just perfect for festival fashion so that you can dance with ease. How about opting for oversized tees in pastel colors, too – good times indeed!

Beads and Pearls

Talking about forever classics, you can’t miss out on pearls. They are those timeless ornaments that aren’t just limited to jewellery. Beaded apparel has been setting up new fashion trends in recent years. Beaded clothing that includes intricate work of pearls is a popular idea. You might have come across clothing with long beaded sleeves and pearls around collars and handcuffs. These embellishments help elevate your look no matter what you pair them with.

Interestingly, you might be surprised to know this, but pearls are the new trend in town for men as well. These pearl accessories and accents make a great accessory. Other pearl accessories are also becoming equally popular and are much in demand, not just in clothing and apparel. For instance, nail arts with pearl accents, pearl hair accessories like clips and clutches, pearl-themed parties, women’s and men’s necklaces, and everything in between — trust us, it has never been this versatile!


Sleepwear doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. Also, many people think that loungewear is all about wearing loose clothes. But this is not the case. With your nightwear, too, you can make a cool style statement that will also make you feel good.

Who doesn’t love to get cosy in their favourite set of pyjamas and baggy shirts? So, how about opting for a satin or silk nightwear that can give the same comfort while making you look stylish too. Another interesting thing to take into notice is that people are searching for “lounge lingerie”, hinting at a major fashion trend for 2022.

Silk and satin clothing fabrics help amp up your style and are extremely soft. And, and, and, why restrict to only clothing? Get some cool silk eye masks and satin bed sheets to get some extra cozy feels.

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